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PIRATE SHIP! for bones 5 kickstarter!

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Just wanted to put this here for everyone to see it kind of plainly! These were shown off last night on ReaperLive, Sculpted by Chris Lewis, he did an amazing job he really out did himself. This is a

Hello all,  There has been discussion on the cannon subject here at Reaper. First: The ship will now come with 20 cannons. second: We are ordering more of just the cannons to be sold as a pack

Well I finally caved and bought the ship. At $125 (I'm a late backer) that is far more than I would ever normally spend on a "toy" but knowing that it might never come to retail, and that I would ther

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7 hours ago, Adrift said:

I’d like to actually mount one of my ships as a hood ornament for my truck, but I’m concerned about loss of visibility. 

Mount your truck on the pirate ship then. We all know how big it is.

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Reaper Bones 5 is a brilliant KS, and I am glad I convinced my wife to back it… but it was the ship that actually convinced her. We are looking forward to several of the figures in our pledge but the anticipation is nothing in comparison to how excited we are for the ship.


Rather than a pirate ship, we are going to use it as a naval frigate but I am undecided on colors. 

I have been trying to figure out how I can modify the masts to be more historically accurate even though I realize that will impact ease of gameplay. 

Anyone else considering such customization work?

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49 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

I'm thinking about keeping it or selling it...


Part of me is yelling "Hey I didn't pick that ship because of storage, but our new attic is done and I know just where to place it!"


The other part is "do you know what that attic cost? you should not be spending more!"

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