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PIRATE SHIP! for bones 5 kickstarter!

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1 hour ago, OneBoot said:

Well...dang it. 


I guess all of our Pathfinder campaigns are just gonna have to take place on a ship now.


At sea? Sailing ship. 

In the desert? Land ship.

In the sky? Airship.

Among the stars? Spaceship. 

Besieging a city? BATTLESHIP





--OneBoot :D 


Each city you encounter on every continent is now basically a stranded ship which was used as a city, it will form the Town Square and then other buildings were built around in when the city expanded.

It might even be the Palace!


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Just wanted to put this here for everyone to see it kind of plainly! These were shown off last night on ReaperLive, Sculpted by Chris Lewis, he did an amazing job he really out did himself. This is a

Hello all,  There has been discussion on the cannon subject here at Reaper. First: The ship will now come with 20 cannons. second: We are ordering more of just the cannons to be sold as a pack

Well I finally caved and bought the ship. At $125 (I'm a late backer) that is far more than I would ever normally spend on a "toy" but knowing that it might never come to retail, and that I would ther

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"Where are we going tonight DM Steve??"


"Well, Mike, we are going to start in a tavern in seedy town that sits at the base of a mountain, from there we will explore some forgotten dwarf mines that once housed a great treasure, thou rumors now say it's a guarded by a terrible monster of legend. Some even say it's a dragon!"


"Saaaaaaweeet!" the players cry.


DM Steve puts up his screen & begins.....


....by putting down a giant ship on the table!!!


"Oh for crying out loud Steve!!" one of the players cries out


"Yah, this is the seventh adventure in a row with that thing."


"Oh I forgot to mention the tavern is shaped like a ship......." 


DM Steve smiles as he asks the players for initiative rolls......





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The party wanders through the Desert, suddenly a large shadow falls over them, they look up at the sky.

A Dragon? A ROC?

Nope...it's the flying ship full of Desert Raiders! Again!


There they are the vile Undead Armies, the Lord of the Evil Undead stands on his altar, his altar carried by hundreds of slaves.

Wait..is that?...yes...again...the ship!



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On 6/3/2020 at 7:29 AM, Glitterwolf said:

You could also use it for Scifi battles.


WH40K, behold a Chaos Landraider!  Or..is it,...? 

Does that ship has tracks?

Airship mods?


Floating stones, sail winglets, spelljammers, the works.

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Anyway, this is utterly astounding, of course. Probably gonna order that second one after all. Just because I can.


Just a heads-up: After seeing this I will never, ever stop asking for an (Eberron-ish) airship in future Kickstarters. :;):

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On 6/2/2020 at 6:18 PM, Corsair said:

So how many pirate ship battles will take place at Reapercon 2021?


Hmm...  Warlord Games recently released Black Sails for sailing ship combat.  They're also working with Hornby/Airfix to release an expansion to Blood Red Skies called "Big Red Skies" using 1/72 aircraft.  SO, I need to figure out how to adapt Black Sails to use these bigger models, then we take over a conference room and we all bring our ships and have a battle royale!  ::D:::P::blink:

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10 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

We have a ship battle PDF for 3.5 called Corsair, it works pretty good. Adamant? I think?

It is also used in the excellent Pirate d20 game Skull & Bones from Green Ronin.




I freakin' love that game - and it will likely be used for the Reaper pirate ship.


AAAANNND, now I have a new project.


The Auld Grump

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4 hours ago, Corsair said:

The new house we are buying simply does not have the space for this sadly. It would have made a great display, but I will have to struggle for fun stuff space like this beauty.


I'm putting it on a shelf and have it function as a display shelf for anything nautical/pirates etc..

You could add wings to it and hang it on the ceiling...I'm helping :upside:


Finally the Witchhunter and his men had found the evil mage, they followed him all over the World to make him pay for his crimes.

And now here in a isolated part of the desert they found him and surrounded him.

Why was the mage smiling?


The earth erupted and the Mage yelled, behold my Ship Golem!!!


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