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Arvalon 8, 3D Printable Sci-Fi Terrain

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Looks like the sort of terrain that might have a story behind it. Or possibly even a series of blockbuster movies. 



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    • By Brindelwald Miniatures
      Hi everyone!,

      Now you can take a look the next kickstarter campaign that we are working in. We have widened choices including a dwarf unit and all Dwarf Lords of the Depths as stretchgoals unlocked.

      Dont forget put your mail and click "Notify me" to keep an eye out about campaign progress and dont miss important offers.

      Thank you!!

      Preview. Work in progress
      <removed commerce link>

      I show you the drummer of unit.

    • By Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      Dungeons & Lasers Second Edition prelaunch page


      -The 2nd campaign will offer products from the 1st campaign as well (called Legacy Products) with an option for shipping within a month from the end of 2nd ed Kickstarter. So ultra-fast, in the scale of Kickstarter, delivery.

      - 6 YES! that's 6 Dragons as a single pack or to buy individually, or as a free stretch goal with your terrain pledge! Please give us feedback in the questionnaire about prices! Link to the questionnaire at the bottom of the update.

      Here are 4 dragons out of 6! and yes that DnD miniature is in scale (28mm). More pictures below.
      Currently, we have only planned to make fantasy themed dragons! Please convince us in the comments to make one in a Sci-Fi theme (please! I need good arguments to convince the boss!)

      -optional half-walls - we are making, as we speak (see video), 1st test tool for half-walls, this was requested by you in the post-KS questionnaire. Half-walls will be an OPTIONAL buy (or selected in the pledge manager instead of 50mm ones, we are still working on it). Cost of it - as it will be optional we will make it as close to manufacturing costs as legally possible!

      - as requested, we will be also making a large tool with end-half-clips, available to purchase for manufacturing cost / or will be part of a stretch goal, no only that we have some ideas for clips supporting next tier (more to come in next updates), this option will allow you to build easily several dungeon levels.

      - 3 more themes, 2 fantasy Dwarven Mine, Cursed Cathedral, and Temple of the Operators. )and POSSIBLY MORE?

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      they did the rapid delivery of existing stuff for their previous terrain KS and it worked well, and came in on time, and their plastic is pretty good so if you like the look of it well worth considering

      also do sign up for KS notification as that's going to help backers get more stuff!
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      I backed the first Killer Rabbit Kickstarter and really enjoyed the figures.  A follow up one was just announced by Skull and Crown on Facebook: 

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      Each turn, players will roll off for initiative to decide who has captured the momentum this round and who acts first.    
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