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Merfolk Warrior by Glitterwolf

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3 minutes ago, Citrine said:

That's a neat mini and a cool paint job!


Thx, I printed it on the Elegoo Mars.

Went for the Tropical Fish look inspired by the Discus Fish.

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36 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Very colorful and original. 


Thank you!

Glad you like it!

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11 hours ago, Iridil said:

Great tropical fish theme!


Thx, I was inspired by the Discus Fish.

I was a bit worried it might be too much, but then again look at the real thing..crazy colours!



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    • By Glitterwolf
      This will be another ongoing themed project.
      *** David Attenborough Voice***
      A huge portion of our Planet consists of water and even while we are exploring Space, the Seas and Oceans are still a mystery to us.
      So far we have explored maybe about 5% of the Oceans, who is to say what lurks in the remaining 95%?.
      Just a few decades ago we discovered that the Coelacanth, a fish thought to have been extinct for billions of years, was in fact still alive.
      Sailors have reported strange sightings and stories about seamonsters have been told for centuries.
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    • By Patrik Strom
      When I first got the Naga from the Bones kickstarter I wasn't that excited. It looked ok at a glance but I didn't think I needed a naga at the time. Eventually I thought I try to extend my scenery collection and try to paint it as a statue. When I did and looked a bit closer at the mini I realized that it's a really cool sculpt! I still choose to go the statue route but I might just have to buy a new one and make a real one. I was also pleasantly surprised on how some superglue + the foam from the blister pack that some miniatures come with + Army Painter greenskin created some decent looking vegetation.


    • By Rigel
      Can't make Deep One hybrids without Deep Ones; that just stands to reason. Got these fishy Bones fellas before the Bones Deep Ones came out. Probably overdid the metallics, and will probably do so again. 

      77215, Eregris Darkfathom I painted up first; did not notice it's a cultist in a fish suit; thought the face was part of the mouth.  I do like the flowing robes and the coral scabbard. 

      77187, the Tiik Champion, is a delight. Huge and hunched-over, with a Dunkleosteus profile, truly a terrifying beast from an elder era. 

      77186, the Tiik Warrior, I'm pretty pleased with. 77212, the Baron, I should probably revisit and put some shiny razzamatazz on his fins one of these days. 

      There's one more fishy friend I need to post, but for reasons probably more aesthetic than biological, she is NSFW and will need to be linked.
    • By buckyball
      Here is a miniature i am working on.

      My plan is to paint it like a queen from a playing card. I am thinking of calling it a queen snake.

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      I’m a bit late, but I finally started back painting late last year. Here’s what I managed to accomplish in 3 months.

      And a few close-ups of my favorites...
      Goremaw the Scarlet Worm is over in the Large Mini contest:  
      A Yeti (77436) in a non-standard coat pattern

      77418 Xiao Liu
      (Painted as a Pathfinder Suli: none of the official artwork shows them as having discernible pupils.)

      77511 Xiloxoch, Guardian Naga

      Gorilla from Bones 3

      77232 Mogg, Bugbear Warrior

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