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June Boon for Noobs in the Room at Noon(June Hobby Goals)

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On 6/17/2020 at 7:16 PM, Zink said:

Might as well post a mid month report because I've actually got back to painting. Not sure exactly how many russians I've done the last week because they were in various stages of painting. Very fast, tabletop quality on most of them but a lot of hand painted shields. Finished a 21 man spear unit and about half of another the same size. Supposed to rain the next couple days so I should be able to finish off the second unit soon. Had the majority of these minis for about 10 years or more with only a few individuals painted. At the moment 28 skimishers with javelins, 25 double handed axemen, 21 spearmen and 12 heavy cavalry finished. Second unit of 21 spearmen and 25 swordsmen about half finished and almost 30 cavalry not started. Want to have a unit each of archers and crossbowmen too but still need to decide how many and assemble them. If I have any of the Fireforge plastic minis left over after all that I may do a unit as the Knyaz's (prince) guard too. Looking at nearly 200 minis all told. Going to try to finish all of them this summer. 


Not quite the end of the month but might as well make another report. Been managing to get a couple hours painting in almost every day. Finished the 2nd spear unit and the swords. Moved on to cavalry. For some reason I've never liked painting cavalry much so stalled a bit on them and decided to assemble some archers and crossbowmen. Made 12 of each and a couple of each were already painted ages ago. That left me with a few peasant archers from Fireforge I wanted to bulk up to a usable unit. Not a fan of the quality of these minis so instead of doing the easy thing and buying another set of them I kitbashed a handful. Need to sculpt a bit of details on a couple of them to make them look proper. 


Still left to go;

paint about 20 cavalry including Knyaz Alexander Nevski, 9 archers, 10 crossbowmen and 9 peasant archers (2 needing some sculpting).

assemble and paint 20 druzhina for the knyaz's guard.


If I can stay focused I could finish in a couple weeks but my attention is starting to wander a bit so I also have a bunch of Mantic skeletons prepped and have been relearning how to use CC3+ for maps.


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It’s pretty safe to predict that I won’t get anything else finished today, so my total output for the month is featured here:




It’s better than the month before, but I hope to get a few more things painted in July.  I also got in a single game, which I’d like to improve on next month.

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On 5/31/2020 at 9:48 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

The same thing we do every month... Try to take over the world! .. Wait, that's not the script? Fiiiiine.... 


Main goals for me this month... 

- finish a few more Infinity miniatures

- tidy up all three desks

- start some sort of larger project on assembly desk (Wyrmgear, the A10, the 28mm Dictator B, etc) 

- Paint some CAV terrain as an excuse to try out basic colours from Mission Models! 

Might as well do this, since I suspect I won't be finishing any minis today, but who knows... 


- two infinity models are now done, and several are closer to being done, which makes me a happy fox. 

- except for a bit of clutter in front of my dropper bottles, surprisingly I've actually managed to tidy up the desks! 

- I started to paint my Global Evil Corp terrain. I'll count that as the big project! 

- CAV terrain didn't get touched due to priorities shifting to getting MDF terrain not MDF coloured. 

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On 6/1/2020 at 9:02 PM, Citrine said:

Doing a simple goal again, so the plan is to finish 6.

And success with finishing 6, all Reaper minis:

Tawnyll, Catfolk Wizard   3933

Daniel Sterling, Secret Agent of GUARD  50010

Night Spectre  77099

Burrowing Horror  77372

Goldar the Barbarian  77047

Dub Bullock  77207

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On 5/31/2020 at 11:17 PM, strawhat said:

I actually have a goal this month!  More than one, actually.


  1. Finish Heart of the Empire (AT-DP , Ahsoka Tano)
  2. Finish Imperial Assault Core (AT-ST, Rebel Saboteurs, Rebel Troopers, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and some other clean-up)
  3. Work on other miscellaneous characters (R2-D2, C-3P0, Boba Fett, Alliance Smuggler, Hired Guns, a few others).
  4. Bonus: Get Twin Shadows well under way!

Why does this month matter?  Because it's been almost three years since I started painting IA.


Ugh.  It seems unlikely that I'm going to finish the AT-ST tonight, so I'm "calling it" now.  


1. SUCCESS!  Although, to be fair, Ahsoka was merely touch-ups, leaving only the AT-DP as a start-to-finish figure.

2. FAILURE...but not by much.  Bases cleaned up for the Nexu, E-Web Engineers, Trandoshan Hunters, Royal Guard Champion, and the Royal Guard.  Han Solo is done, Chewbacca is done, Rebel Saboteurs are done, and the Rebel Troopers are done!  The AT-ST is about 80% done, needing only some highlighting to finish it.

3. and 4.  SUCCESS!  These are really the same goal, though it didn't click when I wrote it.  I count the expansion packs as part of the boxed set on my tracking sheet, so almost all those figures are part of Twin Shadows!  Although I would have preferred to get more done, the completion of Hired Guns puts me over 25%--Which I would call "well under way" (even if the other completed figures (Wookiee Warriors, Biv Bodhrik, Saska Teft) were done some time ago).

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one large model 

dungeons and doggie - St Bernard 

2-4  reaper hobgoblins 

fix prepainted manticore. 


 bridge terrain

send goodwill box 

2 bones Lemurs 

4 rocks.   - apparently I'm painting rocks now:  Dragon Lake,  Space Turtle, School, and a Hippo.  I should do a thread. 

2 Flowers on 3x5 index cards.  



Kingdomdeath Archer 

Innkeeper Sophie 


2 doors from wizkids 


(9)  7 figures and some other stuff.  just 2 figures since the 18th 


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forgot about the doors
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Put in quite a bit of time the last couple of days. Finished off 10 russian archers and a lot done on a dozen crossbowmen. Spent a bunch of time unpacking and looking at my GW Empire army yesterday because they may become my next higher priority job. Kind of typical for me that before I finish one thing I'm already ready to get on to the next one. I was hoping to finish my russians by the end of summer but if I can keep getting an hour or two in each day I might be done in a week or two.

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On 5/31/2020 at 11:01 PM, Werkrobotwerk said:

probably some more zombicide invader minis, try and finish up my necrons, paint some bones, maybe paint the murder hornet if it's released in time.

yeah I did none of that.

stuff I really did:

reaper: bones umber hulk, 2 bones demons, 2 bulldog 1 armors, 1 pig cart, 1 wraith, 1 brigand, 1 bones person in a hat with a cane?, 1 bones priestess, 1 modified space cowboy, 1 lizard wizard.

games workshop: 10 grots, 1 inquisitorial accolyte, 1 skitarrii, 1 creepy flying robot baby

other stuff: dark age bounty hunter, 1 mantic/gw/warlord conversion space soldier guy

not pictured: one cow that I can't find!

29 minis


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On 6/1/2020 at 4:27 PM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Alright, time to get back on track.

  • finish printing Rocket Pig airship A  - Done!
  • start printing Skies of Sordane Carren Pirates airship  - Started!
  • resin print some Bob Naismith Overrunners  - printed, need to redo some with better supports
  • Finish that unit of Scout Troopers for SWL - not even touched
  • Finish the last 3 Rebel Veterans for SWL - Done!
  • Prep and assemble a bunch of SWL. Did some.  Need to do more!
  • Get some solid planning in on that diorama before the year is half over..... - There is now a pile of stuff on a table over there, so some planning occurred. Not a solid plan yet though....

Seems June is over, and I didn't get everything done, even though it seemed like it was about 200 days long......


The biggest hindrance in June has been the heat and humidity. We've been in a multi-week heat wave (for Canada) and most evenings it is too hot in my study (after being in there all day with a couple PCs going) to paint or do anything else.  A cold front is supposed to finally come through tonight so hopefully the beginning of July will be more pleasant.



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