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2020 Summer Exchange

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The mini is painted! Now, I am working on the base and I have a lot of little things I plan on painting to decorate the base. I also cannot find a store that sells milliput where I live. Grrr..... But yeah, I have a lot of work to do on the base and then attach the mini but the actual mini is finished!

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Some minis exist in a realm between miscast and awesome, where they are good enough for tabletop but make you think they're just not worth the effort for something nicer.  As such I always order a few candidates and now that I've had a chance to attack some mold lines it was a good thing I did this time around.  Not a fan of how the factory assembled one of the minis and another wasn't as nice as I'd hoped.  Still, two made the cut!  Now to find the time to actually work on one...

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I've unpacked the mini, paint, and a couple paintbrushes. Today I green-stuffed everything together and put it onto a base. I extended the terrain a bit with leftover putty. Tomorrow I will prime! 


Y'all! I'm so excited to be painting and sculpting again!!! I've missed this so much, why does life love to make us so busy?!

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Have not been able to find milliput so trying something different for my base. Hope it works! I have all of the little things I want to add to the base too. So, all finished except base and then assembling everything on the base!

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On 7/14/2020 at 2:08 PM, Skiesclear said:

WIP More greenstuff (because I just can't seem to stop fiddling with things) and finally ready for paint.  Recipient is NOT named, just a photo.


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That is amazing!!

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