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Bones Lions (77341)


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7 hours ago, BardicDave said:


Thanks! You'll be pleased to know that I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of actual lions :D


It shows.


I'm always amazed when I look at pics of real animals/insects and such for inspiration how much colours and shades there are.

It is a real eyeopener.

Same goes for trees and plants.


I mean lots of people paint bark brown and the leaves green.

Look at bark..there are dozens of shades of brown/green and grey in one piece.

I will make a mini look so much better when one pays attention to these things and learns from that.

I'm far from perfect, not a pro painter, but a little goes a long way sometimes.


Your Lions are proof of it, they look great. I recognize that small white dot under the eyes for example. 

Something that's often overlooked but it really enhances the mini since the real ones have that.


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