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May - June RP Challenge 2020

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Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.

As a change of pace from the Hard Mode Challenge, this round will have a Skill Challenge.

May and June 2019 Challenge

Your challenge is: 9!

Bonus Challenge: The First!
"Mayday!" is an international distress signal used in verbal communication in ships and aircraft.  Your first bonus challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to paint a miniature in some distress.  This could be a diorama, an adventurer falling into a trap, villian whose weapon just broke, or anything else your mind can conjure.

Bonus Challenge: The Second!
The Solstices: June marks the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Paint a miniature or a pair of miniatures showcasing this duality.

Skill Challenge: OSL

Try your hand at painting a miniature using OSL or Object-Source Lighting.  If you feel like this is something that is already in your wheelhouse, work on your technical skills in another area.  Practice NMM, TMM, wet-blending, sculpting, or anything else you've been meaning to try.

As always, the game is made up and the points don't matter!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

I am very behind on making show offs, but these are my May/June completions so far: 



1. Frankenstein (1)

2. The bride (1)

3. Scenic base (1)

4. Translucent banshee (1)

5. Dwarf bodyguard (1)

6. Spider (1)

7. Fungoids (2)

8. Serena (1)



1. Nagendra (1)

2. Boris Doroshenko (1)

3. Panther (1)

4. Spider demoness (2)


May/June: 14/9

YTD: 42/25




1. Roc (3)

2. Lizard man (1)

3. Tree of despair (3)

4. Pseudo dragon (1)



1. Witch (1)

2. Trailer charm (1)


July/August: 10

YTD: 52 :bday:/34?

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