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Massive Darkness 2 - 8/4

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I have to update this. A couple days after that post, CMON wrote to tell me they were replacing everything they could and refunding the rest. The original package went missing in late April, but bette

Add to that the fact that even for the KS, if your package gets lost or stolen (as is increasingly common these days), CMON’s official policy is to tell you to pound sand. This despite the fact that t

IMHO that's an argument against KS exclusives.

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I liked the cherubs, but the MLPs will likely all get proxied out for something less dopey.


It's a weird mix of interesting and bizarre (not in the good way) aesthetics. I'm still down for most of the content, as I enjoyed the original quite a bit. But a few head-scratchers in there, for sure.

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If I were a backer, I'd probably be on the fence about the cupids and ponies.  I agree that they don't really fit the theme of the game, but I like the sculpts and can definitely see myself buying them in a different context.

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5 hours ago, CashWiley said:

I liked the cherubs, but the MLPs will likely all get proxied out for something less dopey.


It's a weird mix of interesting and bizarre (not in the good way) aesthetics. I'm still down for most of the content, as I enjoyed the original quite a bit. But a few head-scratchers in there, for sure.

You nailed it. I do like the four horseman. I am still undecided though. 

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13 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:

Is it just me, or has this campaign been cut waaay back compared to the first?  Feels like there's barely any player options except the conversion set from the first game.


Currently there are 14 heroes included in the pledge with no optional, there are two more gender swaps likely to come. MD1 ended with 15 included, but 6 more paid addons. This one has more types of mobs, but fewer wandering monsters. There is also a drop in duplicate mobs, no more 16 of the same sculpt this time. I think the total mini count is going to be down a bit, but with the bosses the plastic weight is likely going to be higher by the end of it.

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21 hours ago, PeterBenjaminParker said:

Come on CMON, what is this trash... I honestly love the style of the other minis, but these cupids and My Little Ponies are just a massive misstep imo.



Because they didn't offend enough people enough by including the Archangel Michael as an enemy?   I hope that Care Bearstm are next (not that I'm backing this or anything.  I just want to see some Care Bearstm.)


Also, aren't Cmon still suspended from trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

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