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Rogues in the House, Conan Ape - Paizo

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10 minutes ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Lovely paint job! I have the Dark Horse comic version of Rogues in the House. Seeing your painted version brought back sweet memories. Loved all the traps. 




Frazetta's artwork for Thak and Conan 

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41 minutes ago, Lidless Eye said:

You followed the original color scheme, too!color_1600x1200.thumb.jpg.542839e89d09379a15d16a7e783361a3.jpg


The current Pathfimder Gorilla King is a silverback Dire Ape with red cloak but I'm pretty sure he is actually the successor to the one from boxed set


Weird...I could have painted his fur any shade of brown or black, but went with that blue gray I thought would be unique. Lol. The cape and the cape buckle...very strange.

I have a couple more of those paizo figures but not the ones pictured. They were all castaways from a friend of mine.

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Paizo early attempts at encounter packs with metal minis.  They more or less just merged them in the Pathfinder line using various names associated with the official setting.


Nice work. Great shade of red!

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