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Temple of Apophis Photoboard by Glitterwolf

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22 hours ago, AussieAusborn said:

This is looking really neat! It's going to make a great backdrop for some photos! I look forward to seeing what you do with it :)


Thank you!

Right now I'm very busy with all sorts of things in and around the house.

Carpenter just about finished the new gazebo and we're going to visit a few stores to look for a new kitchen.

Not much of a vacation on the one hand, on the other hand things are getting done.

Things...not minis.


I hope to be able to paint next week, the last week of my vacation.

But it will be done.

I paint slowly but I always finish what I start, except one idea involving bears...that one is on the backburner.

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9 hours ago, Rigel said:

Really amazing! I love this setting


Thank you!

I will get back to it the moment I have time to paint.


Also...I started out with Egyptian Style Undead and a few Living Ancient Egyptians, then came the Arab Raiders, then came the Stygian Snakepeople.

Now I will get some Desert Dwelling Elves riding Dinos from a KS.

Did I mention there are Romans and Greeks waiting to enter the fray?


The Desert is a crowded place these days..

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Lots of stuff going on in real life.

No spoons for hobby atm.

I will be working from home all week starting tomorrow.


Maybe when Brutus has had his surgery and things have gone well, I will find the peace of mind to paint again.

I will continue with this soon.



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