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Temple of Apophis Photoboard by Glitterwolf

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17 minutes ago, malefactus said:

I will keep Brutus in my prayers...& you.


Thanks Al!


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I need to do the backboard and add some little extras, but the Temple is nearing completion!







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Working on the backboard for the Temple

Blue foam, used the GreenstuffWorld Egyptian rollerpin.

Scale 75 iroko

Reaper Dark Skin Highlight thinned to a wash






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Scale 75 Forest Green

Scale 75 White Sands

Scale 75 thinned down Inktense Wood.




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If you want to expand the treasure piles, there's a rather easy way to do it. Look at gold glitter options at the craft store. You can bulk it up with piles of filler or even hot glue, then use white glue to lock it in place, and then you can either prime & paint, or just hit it with a brown wash and you have what looks a lot like gold coin piles, you can mix in silver ones to add variety, and there's a lot of little gems that can be mixed in easily enough.


If nothing else, it's a fun basing option for some dragons

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      Hello everyone, here are pictures of the biggest small dragon I ever painted. 03651 Storm Dragon Hatchling sculpted by Kevin Williams.
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      This is a Photobackdrop Board I built for my Shifting Sands Project.
      I was inspired by the great backdrops @malefactus built, so I built one for my Jungle Project a few years ago, and now this one.
      It's a Temple of Apophis the Suneater.
      The Large Cobra is the Bones King Cobra SKU: 44103
      The statues, altar, braziers are all 3D printed files from Artisan Guild. on my Elegoo Mars
      The Treasures are a mix of Reaper Egyptian Treasure SKU: 03112  and some Resin treasures from Tabletopstudios/Minimonsters.
      The Temple is carved from AK Interactive Foam and the Glyphs are made with the Greenstuffworld Egyptian Rollerpin.
      Tufts from Vallejo.
      WIP HERE:
      Nobody in his right mind would build a Temple to honour the Suneater, the Destroyer, the Serpent God Apophis and yet...here it is.
      Many adventurers thought themselves to get rich upon finding the halfburied entrance, none returned.
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      Part of my Shifting Sands Project.
      WIP Here:
      What did you say?
      You don't know the answer to my riddle?
      How unfortunate...!

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