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Aru's Sci-Fi Prints and Paints

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Putting my new Photon through its paces printing some Heroforge sculpts.


The halfling operative is actually a mash-up of two Heroforge sculpts in Tinkercad. (Why can't Heroforge let you have just a single cyberarm?)


Didn't think to photograph her till I had the primer on:




The first print of the gnome solarion didn't have enough supports on the arm with the fireball, so after cleaning the resulting lump out of the vat and trying again with more supports, here she is, supports and all:





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Took the supports off the gnome solarion, cured her under sunlight, and filed off the remainder of the supports:





Base coat is coming along nicely on the halfling operative, with the slight catch I don't have the color I want for her shirt, trousers, or hair.





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7 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Those are some very thin arms!  Nice custom work, though.


I won't lie, I am concerned about them breaking under rough handling on the tabletop. The fault/credit for the sculpts must go mostly to Heroforge though.

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Used up my white resin on failed prints and some bases. Replacement grey resin came just in time.


Corpse Fleet Necroglider on a custom base with arc indicators.




Vesk brute and nuar outlaw waiting for sunrise to get the final curing pass in.



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Vesk brawler and nuar outlaw are cured and have their supports off.




While I wait for some paints to come in, here's the crew so far:



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Yeah! More Starfinder stuff! And glad to see I'm not the only one running a Vesk!

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Got a lot of stuff primed.





Starting on the solarion's hair and solar flare:




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