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Tavern & Townsfolk Miniatures "Dunkeldorf: The Prancing Peacock"

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Hey everyone!

We have just launched our new Kickstarter containing a bunch of townsfolk and tavern miniatures. The Kickstarter includes several sitting miniatures that fit together with our chairs, benches and table. There's also quite a lot of accessories for the tables and many other things planned during the campaign. 

Our first campaign was mentioned here on the forum so I figured there might be some interest again with our second Kickstarter! :D







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I backed the last project. Delivered quickly, nice quality miniatures, no complaints. Lots of flavor in the sculpts and I like that they're not all grumpy this time. 

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57 minutes ago, DragonWyrm said:

Sitting figures are rare-ish . Plus the they seem to have some nice character. I am currently "interested". 


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I love Heinz the noble kid. I wanted Dunkeldorf kids the last go around, and he just looks delightfully annoying. I can just imagine him as the heir to some barony, "ruling" because his father is missing and just being a huge pain in the chair-sitting-area to everyone (but especially the PCs).

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I got an innkeeper pledge. Not that I need more minis, i already have 20

They have so much character I just couldn't resist

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Did the early bird innkeeper


I went in for their last KS and the mini's were great! Delivered quickly and kept people informed. Good peeps



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Hi everyone, 

Sorry for not having replied to all your kind replies, the Kickstarter has been doing much better than we expected so things have been really busy for us! Thank you so much for supporting us and showing interest :) 

Regarding the sitting miniatures, my wife and I are huge Reaper fans and have been for many years (We also stock a lot of their assortment in our webshop) we have been hoping  (And have even suggested it in the past) that Reaper would make sitting minis at some point. But it may not be worthwhile for such a large company to produce them and there's also the issue with what they need to "Fit together with". This has been easier for us to manage with a smaller campaign compared to how insanely large Reaper's campaigns are. We're still hoping to see them from Reaper in the future though as it would be awesome with more!
We always create scenes for our RPG sessions, and finding sitting miniatures have always been a problem for us. However, we didn't want to go all in on these, as we still felt it was a bit risky, but we hope to have a few more ready by the end of the campaign :) 

The Peacock! He's a freebie for the large pledge, but we can certainly make sure that he can be purchased as an add-on in the Pledge Manager, something we have already considered. It would also be cheaper than the miniatures as it's not as large as the regular miniatures. I would think approximately 25 DKK, which is around 3.5 USD. 

@TheAuldGrump regarding the lanterns, we actually have a large set ready. Two different lanterns for hanging on the walls, as well as free standing lanterns. These were mostly created for the tavern, but if there's interest in the wall lanterns we can make those available too. Personally I would prefer to have one design in a set, even though we have 2 variants, what about you, if you were to purchase such a set? 

I've included a few pictures of some of the add-ons that'll be available in the campaign. The last one is a new one that we haven't revealed in the campaign yet, so I guess a bit of a preview! We have a ton of small accessories for the tables, but we're waiting for the Pledge Manager before we make all those available as it'll flood the add-on section otherwise. 

- Nicki




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