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Tavern & Townsfolk Miniatures "Dunkeldorf: The Prancing Peacock"

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Metal holds more details and, if cast right, has fewer mold line problems than plastics.


More importantly, I hope you turn that chicken sketch into a downloadable wallpaper! 


I have plenty of townfolk already, but towncritters? I'd like to see a KS for them!

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On 6/22/2020 at 3:54 AM, King Games said:

@Marc Hehe, I can understand that. I think Reaper has spoiled a lot of us in regards to that. They've done a great job with the Bones line and improved them so much compared to the quality of the very first Bones Kickstarter. Price and quality makes it super attractive, but unfortunately it's hard for smaller companies such as ours to get that sort of operation set up as we would need to get them produced in China and get A LOT of miniatures made before it would make sense. Reaper has probably also spent what I expect to be a huge amount of time perfecting their "Bones recipe" and I wouldn't even know where to start even if it did make sense for us to venture into that area/material :D 


Resin is of course an option, but we would need to raise the price of the miniatures for that, which we would prefer not to do and the resin casting process is a lot more time consuming than metal production. So in the end we went for the "Old school" choice :) 

I'm pleased to hear you like the miniatures though! 


- Nicki

Completely understood!

If you ever do a Kickstarter for PVC / plastic, I’ll be there! :)

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I wasn't going to back it at first. I've grown a bit tired of humans / player characters, and for me, townsfolk are basically "less 'exciting' looking humans that are even less likely to see table use." But I recently started painting my Dunkeldorfs from the previous Kickstarter, and now I'm definitely backing. They definitely have a lot of personality, and their styles all fit together so well. Incredibly easy to see how you can have a small town of these colorful characters.



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@TheUncannyAK - Glad you like them both :D

@Lidless Eye - Thank you for the support!


@Spodi - Thank you so much, that's a huge compliment as our goal was to give them as much character as possible to avoid "Generic townsfolk". 


Here are 2 of the latest pictures from the last update. A little mood picture with a bunch of the miniatures and a render of Heinz the Noble Kid and his dog Felix. 





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@lexomatic I think your calculation is pretty far off :) 

If you went for the Innkeeper Pledge you would get 18 miniatures for 475 DKK which is just around 71 USD, so that's about 4 USD per miniature plus you're getting accessories and some pets for free as well :) 


@Disciple of Sakura Thank you for backing! :) 


@knight of the Dinner Table Thank you too! Hope you'll be happy with your picks :) 

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4 hours ago, King Games said:

@lexomatic I think your calculation is pretty far off :) 

If you went for the Innkeeper Pledge you would get 18 miniatures for 475 DKK which is just around 71 USD, so that's about 4 USD per miniature plus you're getting accessories and some pets for free as well :) 


@Disciple of Sakura Thank you for backing! :) 


@knight of the Dinner Table Thank you too! Hope you'll be happy with your picks :) 

I would only be getting a handful as addons which drives the cost up per mini. I'm also not in the USA.  I'm only going by kickstarter conversion which had 5DKK as 2 $ so an animal at 25 would be 10$ and a person at 45 would be 18$ per. My wild guess at USA to CDN would roughly double. That would be mich better value, but also more than I want. That's why I posted that it didnt make sense for me.

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