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Mythological Monsters & Scenery, 3D Printable STL Miniatures

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Hello and thank you for taking a look at this campaign! I'm a digital sculptor from Germany and this is my first 3D related campaign. I'm excited to share my models with you!

Mythology has always had a special place in my heart and I wanted to make something that others can be a part of as well! 

This Kickstarter provides a range of popular mythological beasts, scatter, props and scenery for you to print at home on your 3D printer. Use them for your tabletop gaming, in your dioramas or paint them - it's up to you!


Why digital files and no physical goods? I'm still somewhat new to the whole miniature scene so I don't feel comfortable enough to offer physical objects yet. This is something that will definitely happen in the future, once I had the time to establish more contacts and can assure great quality.

What will you get? You will receive .STL files of the miniatures and props listed below. Additionally, I will be sharing tips for printing the models and my workflow in a PDF for trouble-free printing, which might be useful if you're still new to 3D printing.

Check, check and check!

  • All files have been checked for issues and test printed on my LCD resin printer
  • Everything is prescaled for uniformity
  • Tips for optimal printing & personal workflow as PDF included

Commercial license? Want to sell copies of the models online or in your brick & mortar store? No problem! Just choose the 'Commercial License' reward tier and you're good to go! Please note that this license only allows the sale of physical copies.


This campaign includes a collection of popular mythological beasts. All miniatures were sculpted with great attention to detail that translates well into your 3D printed models. All minis come with their own base that fit on a standard D&D dungeon map. 

The miniatures are prescaled for easier use and uniformity. Most monsters are 'large' so they're scaled two fit into a 2"2" square. Of course you're free to rescale them to your needs! 

Here's a list of the monsters you'll receive:

  • Basilisk (large)
  • Cerberus (large)
  • Cockatrice (small)
  • Cyclops (large)
  • Fenrir (large)
  • Hippocampus (large)
  • Pegasus (large)
  • Sphinx (large)
  • Unicorn (large)
  • Wyvern (large)

 Photos of the printed miniatures can be found further down the page!


This pre-prepared version of the wyvern allows you to print it BIG! It is sliced into 5 pieces and keyed for easy assembly! Prescaled to around 23 cm (ca.9 in), this wyvern is a real eyecatcher. 

784e942c3810e8ff5bd844482b148ba1_origina Photo of the printed, assembled and primed Wyvern
5f427f412d3aeef0b37d14ffc3c30c56_origina The Wyvern was printed on an Anycubic Photon S
ccafbffb3439a7e41e213cf75a3c94c6_origina It measures about 23 cm (ca. 9 in) in length
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