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In the distant future, all other people are gone and the world in which they lived is in abject ruin. The empty world crumbles like a coffee cake under the wait of the passage of time allowing the forces of nature to erase most signs that the world has ever been populated. Although the world is suffering from severe neglect, there are two main relics that remain. The last two people, the Engineer and the Baker, created rather bizarre attempts to not allow the footprint of the world that was to vanish to the winds of time. The Baker in a vein attempt to make one last great creation that would make her final years worth while. The Engineer was already working on his final achievement, a network of pipes and pumps, came across a couple of deposits of a very fine crystal. Not knowing what it was, he gathered it up in to several sacks and brought them to the Baker. The Baker also had no idea what the crystals were, but their time was short and she chose to use them as an ingredient since they had similar properties to rock candy. After some time, the Baker finished her confection and set it in a cone to create gumdrops. Sheer moments after setting the gumdrops to dry and harden, the sticky droplets started to move and make noise on their own. This understandably startled the old Baker. Excitedly Baker called the Engineer to see what she had done. In amazement the last two people watch these strange things move around in their strange way and gibber like small children. This delighted the old Baker as this was her last great achievement. She asked her old friend to take care of them and fell asleep to never wake again. The Engineer wanted to honor the Baker's last wish, but how. He plays around with the cone and discovers the gumdrops, or slimes as he started calling them, only come to life when they pass though the nozzle of the cone, turns to the confection batter when squished, and come to life after passing through the nozzle again. He also noticed that the slimes loved to eat sugary baked goods. 

The Engineer quickly set about to take care of the slimes. He reworks his network of pipes and pumps to allow the slime's goo to move to different tanks. The tanks have nozzles and once the slime's goo made it to the tank it would get pushed though and brought back to life. The Engineer then reactivate some automated bakeries that he had made for the Baker years ago to allow her to rest. The bakeries are rather old and do not work properly and would randomly produce cakes or pies. The Engineer moved the slimes into the bakeries so they have a solid food supply. The Engineer leaves to rest to never return. When the bakeries produced their first baked goods, one produced a cake and the other produce a pie. The slimes in the bakeries did not like the baked goods that was produced, and leave there bakery and look out across the field and see another bakery. Both sides know what must be done -



The game of Slime Skirmish is a capture the flag skirmish game that is played with two different teams of six slimes,  that can be played by gamers that have just started in the table top gaming hobby to very skilled players looking for a fun challenging gaming experience. 

The rules for Slime Skirmish start off with a very simple rule set that can be expanded based on the skill level of the player's and ability, 

  • The First level - first level explains the basics. How a slime  moves and fights on the board. How to set up the board, how to capture the flag (the Cake or Pie, in this case) and how the Squish Tanks (Graveyards) work.
  • The Second Level - The Second Level open up strengths and weakness. These will allow a lot of different tactical choices that a player can use to build his slime team.
  •  The Third Level - This level allows for the maxim ability for the player to build their slime team. While building on the first two levels, this level allows the player to pick out of the 36 slimes. Each slime will have it's own moves that can work as an attack, buffs that help friendly slimes, and/or debuffs that work against the enemy slimes. Some slimes will have a passive ability that has some minor effect on the game.


The models of Slime Skirmish have be deliberately designed to be easy assemble and very easy to paint. The slimes are 28mm scale and hand sculpted. Due to limited funds due to Covid-19, all of the models are planned to be cast in white metal. This may change based on how well this campaign does, but as of right now metal is the most cost effective casting medium at the moment. All of the 36 slimes and the 2 flag markers (one cake and one pie) are sculpted and ready to be cast. All of the slimes are divided in to teams of 6 slimes. All of the Starter Slime Sets will include the Pie and Cake markers. Here are the different slime sets -

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