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03186 Wizard's Workshop


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Does anyone have any experience with the Wizard's Workshop 03186 mini?

I think I need this in my life but...

1) Is this essentially a mini diorama with 4 separate pieces (wizard, apprentice, table, book)? The picture in the store clearly shows the apprentice and table as separate pieces, but I can't tell for sure about the wizard and book. 

2) Are the figures at the same scale as other 25/28mm Legends? Or are they smaller, essentially making this a mini-mini-diorama?

Any insight into these questions would be appreciated.


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Your asking about the large book & not the ones on the side table right? If so then yes, it's the wizard by himself. The big book, apprentice & side table with books on it.


Figures are about the same size, I wanna say the wizard is "heroic scale by Reaper" so that puts it around 28mm.




Notice the line by his foot? The book attaches to his base to make a seamless transition. Also this one has the Byangles in it (the 2 points), those points are 1 inch & half inch in scale.



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