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Diorama :: Display Base :: Defended Water Supply


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We all keep knick knacks and trinkets to make things from in the future.  Whether it's some small bit, like dragon pendant I got from Salvation Army for 50 cents or some cardboard forms that hold tech devices in place that look like good buildings for Battletech.


I wrote about Bottlecaps as bases a while ago.


Recently, I found the plastic mounting bracket that's been floating around my bench and figured out what I wanted to start making.  I usually draw out what I intend to do, but the shape of the bracket defined its purpose.


This compilation uses a bunch of various finds.  So towards that end, I am going to have a little contest.  


Guess all of the items which I used in here and you will get a random Bones mini.  I will provide a numbered list and one clue because one SET is fairly hard to figure out.


1. ______

2. ______

3. ______

4. ______

5. ______ Bracket


Clue:  These odd pieces were disassembled from a triangular cap.




The bricks are actual brick I bought off of Wish.  I got the standard bricks plus the square in gray and brick red.  I also have small triangles in brick red.


The stone was split length wise so it was nice and flat. The terrain is a custom grind of bark, black walnut bark, dark cork and and coarse normal cork.


The gears are from Michael's jewelry and findings section.  Some of the white on the terrain is baking soda mixed with super glue.


Here's the piece primed...




Stay tuned and enjoy.


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Nice try, TGP. 


I did associate one of the numbers and you did not include it in your diagram. 


I also mentioned that a portion of objects were all from one item.  Thus providing not one clue to its identity but two.


Finally, you prolly don't want to use the homogenized image.  It's a lot easier to see things in picture 1.


This isn't a first one to the finish line contest.  For each of those who can figure out ALL of the items, preferably without sharing the info (play fair) will get a Bones mini from me.  So, if you want one of "my precioussses," ...




... you'll have to do some work.

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On 6/13/2020 at 12:45 PM, Thrym said:

Nice try, TGP. 


I did associate one of the numbers and you did not include it in your diagram. 

You have seen the items disassembled — none of us have that advantage. 

So neither of the short cylinders (I numbered them 1 and 6) connect to the base-plate underneath everything? Which perhaps is the part you listed as “5. ____ Bracket”.  [?]

I am used to this:


I don’t see much point in proceeding unless the components are clearly separated and indexed. 

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TGP, you are correct, I saw what the disassembled piece of cap looked like whole.  The rest of the items are findings and oddities.  They are not generally used for modeling or dioramas.  So the obvious answer would be things that stick out in the first picture.


I've already said that the bricks were not included and the rock is again, not part of the unusual so that's out.  The one's you pointed at are all included but you lacked 2 others and included the SET as separate pieces.  But then again that's part of the game.  The _____ Bracket is in the description of the project.  I don't think I need to elaborate on that, but maybe I do.  I could be too close to the answer to see that it's not as obvious as I assume it is. 


I have checked this with some people locally and most have gotten the gist and figured out what I was doing.  So, I don't think it's that hard a game.


If you look at this picture and consider what you normally don't see in a diorama and what is commercially made but isn't normally used for diorama building, you should be able to discern which pieces belong are the 5 parts.




However, if there's no movement on this by the end of the week (Friday, 19th) I'll post a clue to make it easier.

For the sake of fairness, I will disclose the number of instances or parts of each.


1. ______ has 1 piece

2. ______ has 3 pieces

3. ______ has 2 pieces

4. ______ has 4 pieces

5. ______ Bracket is 1 piece


Here are two more angles to help you discern piece from piece.






Have at em.

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Moving on...


I made some hex armor pieces using air dry clay and a trivet from Walmart. 




I just smoothed the clay into the silicone and once I had it filled and even I applied a wet towel to smooth the clay out more.


It dried before game night ended.


Then using Loctite's Power Grab Construction adhesive which is a nice thick gel I applied the hexes to the wood.  I super glued the first two pieces for a solid point to assemble the rest against using the top of the pipe or stack that the turret is resting against as the starting point.




The pieces went in fairly quick and I left odd gaps at points and loose fits to show the slam damage from the edge of the rim.  Once fully applied to this segment I used Bob Smith Industries Super Thin super glue to seal the porous tiles and ensure a good bond to the construction adhesive "thinset" below.


The "back" of the turret has the most hex armor damage.  Most is just shifted or popped.  So there are overlapping plates and splits in the hex pattern.




I will start from the "front" again so I can leave a raggedy edge at the back.  The plates will be scuffed some more for wear and tear before painting.


Stay tuned, stay safe and Enjoy.

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Got a lot of the yellow basecoat done for the mosses.




I did a pattern of striations the large slab of rock as you can see in the previous image and this one.


Colors so far:

  • Undertone for Moss: 
    • Reaper Green Liner
  • Moss Basecoat:
    • Vallejo Model Color Flat Yellow
  • Turret Hex Armor Plates:
    • Tropical Blue
  • Rock and Striations:
    • Reaper Desert Tan
    • Reaper Desert Sand
    • Reaper Woodland Brown 


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Here's a trio of pics in better lighting against a neutral background.








Then here's a comp of the piece shot low with a background added.




And yes, I kind of want a cookie now.  The rock in the front looks like a cookie with a small bite out of it.


Stay tuned and safe.  Enjoy!

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4 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

The base of the turret and the grey canister in front look like parts of a rotary diabetic testing lancet , the 'gun' of the turret might also be part of the plunger mechanism to push the lancet, but I'm not sure


You are in the ballpark.  I am posting this to my blog shortly with the specifics pointed out.  So, I will give you the answers TGP asked for.  The gun (front and back), the vent (in front of the turret), and the overflow pipe closer to the rock are all from the same piece (#4 on the list above).


The other pieces are:

  1. Wood piece (1 item)
  2. Yellow balls (3 items)
  3. Barrel of Turret under Cannon (2 pieces)
  4. Various (see above, 4 pieces)
  5. Primary piece the whole thing is on not counting the newly added cork round (Bracket, 1 piece)

The images again to reference:

20200612_124852.thumb.jpg.b8e1bf72cbd330cb36cabe2a29641925.jpg 20200612_124910.thumb.jpg.74c60f48f70f9a4323fd904df907cae5.jpg 20200612_124944.thumb.jpg.b658466682dfd091dd102491a37dc544.jpg


Blog post coming soon.  Barring the server I host on stops CPU spiking.

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On 7/4/2020 at 1:12 AM, Thrym said:



I just smoothed the clay into the silicone and once I had it filled and even I applied a wet towel to smooth the clay out more.


That was an interesting way to make ablative armor pieces. Major Kira on Deep Space Nine once built part of an outdoor oven out of pieces like that. I wonder if silicone trivets with squares or brick shapes exist.

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