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This is so well.....um, executed. It's disgusting, but in a very well done disgusting way. The conversion is believable. I have looked at the angel to try and see what modifications you did to her. Hard to tell everything since she is lying down but really impressive. The painting is wonderful! The antipaladin's skin is almost glowing. She is gorgeous!

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    • By catdancer
      MODEL...(Black Orks at Gnorbal Jungle Ruins = Base)...(Sci-fi squad).
      DATA...I have started the prep work on the base for the above titled piece...
      PHOTO # 1...Shows the general art concept that will be a guideline for the building of this piece.
      PHOTO # 2...Shows the raw (untrimmed) ceiling tile that will be the base for this piece (8" x 10") in size.
      PHOTOS # 3 - # 5...Shows wall section # 1...(all wall sections are resin parts from my parts box...they were made by a company called Armour Cast)...the posters on all the walls are all sized & cut to scale Warhammer 40k and other paper posters (not decals)...The walls have their base painting all done...(dark grey stone base)...washed with (expresso brown, mocca brown, deep burgundy, hauser green, lamp black, light stone grey and bleached sand)...Wall section # 1 also shows how all the walls will be covered in deep moss growth...this moss will be dry brushed with (hauser green, grass green, shamrock green and ivy green).
      PHOTOS # 6 - # 8...Shows wall section # 2.
      PHOTOS # 9 & # 10...Shows wall section # 3.
      FOLIAGE...The prep work on the jungle foliage will follow in the next posting.
      Paul (Catdancer) 
    • By catdancer
      TITLE...(Kabuki Samurai)...(Warzone Miniatures)...(Mishima Mega Corp)...
      NOTE...This will be my diorama entry in the (Be A Spaceship Superstar) contest...
      (This miniature will be entered for the participation ribbon only...it is not for competition and/or judging)!
      Paul (Catdancer)
    • By Dr.Bedlam
      ...bet you weren't expecting that, were you?
      I was in a game store yesterday, and since I believe in supporting little brick and mortar stores, I had to buy SOMETHING. So I picked up some Bones. I did not need these Bones. I already had these and more from the Kickstarter. Still, like I said, if you want a local game shop, you should support it. So... what was I going to do with these extra troopers that I had no use for?

      Well, that's what art is all about.

      The B.A.C.O.N. trooper did not come out as well as I would have liked; the toy pig I used for parts was less detailed than the toy buffalo. Still, I persevere...
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