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Echoes of Camelot: Arthurian Legends is a project that will expand our 75mm resin miniature range with new and exciting models based on the Matter of Britan, particularly around the figure of King Arthur and his Knights. We have many cool surprises prepared should you help us bring this dream to life.

These miniatures have been sculpted and painted here at the Big Child Creatives studio with the collaboration of some of the most talented miniature artists out there. And what is more, they will be manufactured by our own talented team of resin casting experts. This allows us to monitor the process closely to ensure the best quality in the market and a timely delivery.

We have learned a lot from our previous campaigns, and we want to put all this experience to good use, repeating everything we did right, improving upon it, and correcting our past mistakes. We invite you to join us in this journey of discovery throughout the Matter of Britain and its amazing cast of unique characters.

This campaign is a journey of discovery, full of surprises such as custom bits to make your miniatures even more striking than they already are. Some of these kits will be Kickstarter exclusive, so those of you who choose to support us will be able to proudly show it through unique miniatures, even more full of life and character than our regular releases.



d1fd6eb0d62da04928084e91892fab30_origina Painted by Ruben Martinez "RMA"
fd6931540acb060f714081c35930c554_origina Painted by Marc Masclans
595f9c3704311b735dca64b2753f5db1_origina Painted by Arnau Lazaro
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I am curious about it, but the goblin I just finished from Big Child Creatives was a pretty poor cast. Resin bubble+blob on the nose, big crack in the ankle, more mold slip than expected for cost, and packaged such that an ear broke off. Other Vancouver painters got good casts though. I suspect they're probably Usually Good, but need to do better quality assurance checks.

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After the first few (reasonably priced) pledge levels one can't help the feeling they just got greedy. Three thousand euro pledge level anyone? Fifteen hundred? Nine hundred? Hmm.....


Now to find out which figures are Standard and which are Exclusive. Did I see a Sir Bercilak (The Green Knight) sculpt briefly during the campaign video? I did. I'm not sure I like this version very much. No axe. No terrifying face.


There's not a lot of clarity as to which figures are available under the Squire pledge as opposed to the Adventurer pledge level. I'm in for a single Standard figure for now because there's a pledge manager promised. That being said their sir Bercilak sculpt, while not the best way I'd like to imagine sir Bercilak,  would easily fit into some kind of barbarian army on the tabletop as some kind of giant.


It would appear that one of the stretch goals is an alternate weapon for the Green Knight so hopefully that's his trusty axe.



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So I'm currently at $150 total, but likely to jump up to $250 total and switch to the Knight Errant pledge..  I know I already want Galahad, the Green Knight and Uther, it looks like Guinevere will be unlocked before too long, so as long as I am  buying 3 standard ones and the KS exclusive, it doesn't make any sense to not get the 4th regular one for free. which will probably be Mordred or Merlin.  

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3 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

So I'm currently at $150 total, but likely to jump up to $250 total and switch to the Knight Errant pledge..  I know I already want Galahad, the Green Knight and Uther, it looks like Guinevere will be unlocked before too long, so as long as I am  buying 3 standard ones and the KS exclusive, it doesn't make any sense to not get the 4th regular one for free. which will probably be Mordred or Merlin.  


I'm currently at 50 trying to work out if I can go up to 100 for Galahad then add 50 for sir Kay or the Green Knight in the pledge manager. I liked sir Kay's moustache (very Sturm Brightblade, Knight of Huma) but the way that he's been painted without one so convincingly gives me concern that the moustache detail might not be very refined.

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