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Sinful Playing Cards

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Standard and Tarot playing cards from artist Darryl Petrucci. This is a collection of art, originally made for the game SINS, which has been highly praised for its immersive world building. The artwork is now available as a standard deck of cards (63x88mm) and as a tarot deck of cards (70x120mm). Each card has unique art and with its beautiful and simplistic design, the art is the center of attention!


The artwork is based upon the deadly sins, portrayed by different characters. Throughout the 52 standard cards or 22 tarot cards, you'll find different interpretations of Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Greed and Sloth. Spirit, Beast and Spectral creatures embody each card to tell their own story. 



Anybody seen this/know anything about it? I like the art for the cards but never heard of the company and all.

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May've got got on this one. Same guy has apparently run at least three projects in the last few months--this, a SINS card game, and a game called Unlikely Heroes--each under a different account/company name but linking back to variations on the name Jakob Lindborg. Don't have anything  concrete yet, but those first two projects have gone silent and it's looking not-good, anyway. Be wary if you run across that name, anyway, before we find some sort of resolution on this.


Kinda bummed, I was being really optimistic here lol.

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Interesting. You made me curious, and I started looking at it myself, and found a whole bunch of related FB pages for these three, and another one called Gears, which just finished it's KS on July 31st. 

The webpages for all of these games look very similar, and have the same contact address:



Gøngehusvej 106
2950 Vedbæk



That address links back to a company called Nordic Innovators, who's webpage says this:


Nordic Innovators is an independent consultancy specialised in national and European funding programmes and instruments for research and innovation. We collaborate with both companies, research institutions and public institutions, and help secure funding for their research and development projects.


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So after reading various things on that Nordic Innovators page, it appears it's a legit company. 

That makes me think there are two possible scenarios here:

1. These are all legit projects, and the company is merely handling the funding, expecting the actual project creators to take over communications after funding. The reason they're all linked back to the same person is that person is the consultant in charge of these types of projects. 

2. The company doesn't know someone is using their address. 

If I were you, I'd reach out to them, and ask.  If it's legit, I don't think it would be harmful to ask.  If it isn't legit, they're probably not going to be too happy about someone using their address, which will be a lot easier to deal with now, rather than later. 

Of course, there is the third possibility that a principal in the company is doing this on the side, and he could still flake out.  I would hope, however, that someone involved with what appears to be a decently sized company that specializes in project consulting would be competent enough to run a Kickstarter, and legit enough to not scam people. 

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