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Cupboard Mimic, Zealot Miniatures

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Got a new figure in the mail today.
(mostly) put him together (about 17 parts). He'll take a while because I'm going to have to paint him (and the furniture) before I put the top half of the furniture on, as well as his two "back tentacles". I'll also want to paint the inside of his mouth before adding the tongue.
In addition to which, while putting him together, I found that I'm missing a part, so I'm contacting the company, and will have to wait for a replacement part (assuming they'll send me one) - if not, I'll have to sculpt one from putty.
He was pretty expensive (for what I'm used to spending, anyway - was about 18 euros) - so I'll certainly be cleaning him up nicely and filling in all his gaps with putty, etc.
Apart from the one missing piece (which I'm sure the company will send), and the lack of instructions (which I knew about before-hand), this was very charming to put together - everything fit so smoothly, not a lot of headache involved.
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