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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:



Hmmmmmm..... I'm not so sure about that statement...


Anyway, looks cool!

Terrainbuilding is fun, isn't it?

Unharmed because the pig was just out on the altar for the photo shoot and walked away after. There was no gameplay "sacrifice."

If I had the foam and the particle board (this one from a broken ikea ribba frame-15$ per is too much for extras) then I'd spend a fair amount of spare time giving me 3 more "blocks" and one "park."

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So I found an old picture backing that's comparable and 32x20. Should I do full streets or half streets, half park (minimal flock, to add hills and scatter, trees, and water as I see fit). That gives me the option of streets/park/streets or streets/streets/park at 48x20

I have a few pieces of 8x10 that I can make up for 48x30 as well, but they'd be slightly off (HD chipboard instead of particle board).

Thoughts? Pic later... on my phone.

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So I started this. Peeled the backing. Did my measurements and marking. I hope I can cut,  roll out pattern, and glue before I go to the drive-in tonight. That'll give me the morning to do another piece - just grass this time- that's the same size as the grass bit on my BIG board. My inlaws had a spare piece of masonite, or super thick  chipboard  that was the same height that I'm going to use as backing. That will allow me to either set stuff up super long (32 inches of block 28 of grass) or wide, side-by-side.


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And first board is gluing.. take a break, do some more cutting and more gluing and I should be ok for the next board. That will be some overnight gluing. To.orrow morning I can do a base coat of paint and maybe a coat of flock on the grass bits.

Possible layouts are 60x20 or 40x30.


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So eveything is sealed. The back is just clear.


And a few hours later we have dirt.20200906_112306.thumb.jpg.f89927ca3fb915b733134b816b447c7a.jpg20200906_112502.thumb.jpg.42bb76f9dc0a0110fd1e2da22baa1ac3.jpg

So there's one possible layout  with a big park /wilderness on one side. Also possible is reverse 60x20 city/park /park /city, or park /city /city /park, or consecutive city/ park /city /park, etc. Or side by side 40x30

Park /park

City/ city

Call me Mr Modular.

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And I  may decide to finish sidewalks and roads before flocking. I managed to match my cobblestone pretty well from last time, but I remember it took a while to get the brick right. This was red and brown thinned with podge, aka pink... in top of a black brown, so still pink. It will look better 


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So I've done a brown and grey wash, and drybrushed a few shades. Later tonight I'll do another brown and grey wash and revisit tomorrow. 

Original board for reference. I think I'm pretty close for 2+ months difference and without making note of paints used or amounts.


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