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I'm not in the mood for the various steps.  Things need to sit then I'll do a grey and brown wash. Then highlight with grey and tan, maybe a little green for the flag stone. Drybrushing this much is a

I'm not sure when I'll be able to take good pics. Here's something in  the meantime No animals were harmed

Posted Images

New board pieces in small village layout (if I do 2 more grass and road pieces and 4 corner squares, I can fully surround a small village). This is compatibility with my current scatter




You can see some of the spots on the edge where the extra modgepodge is. That's  SOLID but I think if I do anything again it'll be an extra coat of glue/matte medium/matte modgepodge and water. Things aren't coming off, but I want them to be extra durable with a toddler.

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Ugh. One of the grass and road boards warped a bit. I'm weighing it down. Also some bits were apparently sticky and stuff got ripped off. I'll need to touch up. I measured the corners, and I have 2 12x12 spaces and 2 10x12 I guess I was a touch off on measurements. Anyway... I'll get to those eventually. I might try reversible sections to avoid stuff. Will have to see how it works out first. I'll try a small pond in one, and a swamp in one, and if those are okay, then I'll try a similar kind of flock to what I did above on the opposite side.

Other related stuff besides the river edges, would be a dock/harbour edge.

I might look for artist masonite for something more sturdy to avoid warping.  I can also work towards  a piece that works for my lighthouse to tie those in.

Now to see if I can find some reasonably priced pouring medium to use points on amazon, or else just buy from local art supply.

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Just came across this project and I'm glad I did. Modular boards are something I've been thinking about a lot lately to replace the simple drop cloths I've been using. Your boards look great and definitely gives me some inspiration for my own attempt. 

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2 hours ago, Rat13 said:

Just came across this project and I'm glad I did. Modular boards are something I've been thinking about a lot lately to replace the simple drop cloths I've been using. Your boards look great and definitely gives me some inspiration for my own attempt. 

Thanks. Super easy - though I think I'd go a bit wider on the streets to make it more era neutral. Feels like a sidestreet for modern layouts. Which is fine, but...

Getting fibre board at a building supply and cutting things down to a more manageable size is the way to go you can get about 4x8 for about 5-10$ depending on where you are. I did order some mdf boards from arts supply because they were small enough to ship and cheaper than anything else comparable, but still way more than building materials

If you have a bunch of foamcore buildings, you can also do a sidewalk separately to fit around stuff to widen the road that way or adjust a board layout while not making it permanent and keeping modularity.

Next bits I'm working on are river/bank pieces and a dockside  and then small corner bits to give me a full square, and some interchangeable bits to give me some swamp and pond and a park picnic area.


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