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Hi Folks! I am releasing a monster sized Kickstarter with my son. Fantastic Plants and Rocks will fill your table with every environment you can think of. From Alien Flora to Icy Glaciers ! Don't miss out on this high quality terrain! All-In Pledge only 17euros (19$) :) 

core set =  20 sets, each containing 5 plans ( 100 models) + all stretch goals

I hope you will be many to support this new project :)) 

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I've been looking at this. I so want to paint that as quartz rocks using glittery metallics on those edges and all..    

I'd print these in a translucent resin myself...

Sample printed  

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1 hour ago, Clearman said:

Blew through a good chunk of the stretch goals too...all the goals with pictures anyway.  Going to be interesting what they come up with over the next 29 days.


Plus add-ons!  I really like the carnivorous plants and the dino/lizard men look good, too.  Oh my stars, is that a cthulhu-inspired set with fishmen and sea monsters?

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Folks are really eating this one up.  Most of the way through the posted stretch goals now and the ticker keeps climbing.  Amazing value at this point already.  Can't wait to start printing some of that stuff up.  ::):

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59 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

@Glitterwolf We're about to hit the Egyptian Ruins stretch goal


To be honest, looking at what they call Aztec Plants/Ruins, I can't see anything Aztec about that.

I'm not convinced yet, there is a lot I don't care about in this KS, and only a few things that I kinda like.

Think I'll give it a pass.

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