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1 minute ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

I'm really digging this project.  And the lizardmen add-on looks really nice.  Might have to get that too.

The lizardmen are very nice. Got them from his patreon.

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I've been thinking about it, not sure yet.

Right now I'm printing the sample plant and one of their earlier Carnivorous plants that had.


The sample is presupported but in such a way that you can't tinker with the supports anymore.

The carnivorous one I supported myself.

So I will see how these come out, if they look good I might back after all.


Do we know if these all come presupported like the sample?

I like presupported but only if you can add/tinker the supports in case someone forgot to clear an island.


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9 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

I thought these were pretty neat and very reasonably priced.  I have the all in backed.  I haven't had a chance to print the sample but I hope to get to that this week.


I got a fail with the sample which was presupported, I couldn't find a way to tinker with that.

The one I supported myself did print well.


I would like to know if these are all presupported like that or not.

And if so, how these can be modified, if I try to add a support it lifts the whple model from the buildplate including the supports that were pre-made.

I can't remove the existing supports?

Maybe I'm doing this wrong.


It will depend upon that if I back or not.

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Right the lifting part of the model is something that was defaulted and can be adjusted.

I still can't remove the presupported stuff, I can however add supports now.


The lifting part can be adjusted here:

See that line Z Lift Height 0,00?

With the presupported file it defaults at 5.

Causing it to lift the moment you add a manual support.

Dial back to 0 and you can add supports.


Still not able to edit/remove the existing ones, but this is good enough to get a decent print.


I'll back.



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Added €9 to get the add on for the Carnivorous Plants as well.

It's going well, looks like we will be getting lots of plants and rocks for our money.


At first I was a bit reluctant, but after looking at it a few times I realized there is a lot of potential for basing here.

And one can shrink or enlarge them as well.

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