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Cloak and Dagger II: A New Beginning


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D&D PHB, DMG, Monsters Manual v3.5, Complete Divine, Complete Warriors, Eberron Campaign Setting published by Wizards of The Coast, 2002-2004.



Prologue: A New Beginning




“Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing shortly in San Francisco. It is 3:35pm local time and the temperature is a pleasant 75 degree. On behave of Southeast Airline and all his employees, we would like to thank you for choosing us for your travelling needs and hope you have a good day.” A lovely female voice said on the intercom.


A middle aged man in an expensive-looking suit opened his eyes and moved them around as if alarmed. He looked down at the Rolex watch on his wrist and appeared to be surprised by it. To his patients, this intelligent man was known as Michael Tanner. M.D.


Next to him was a beautiful woman wearing a red designer dress that tightly embraced her curvaceous body in a rather elegant way. She was indeed a really beautiful woman; one would say that she was of an elfin charm. She too looked as surprised as the other man sitting next to her. To everyone else on flight 301 that day, those two looked like a very rich couple. Her name was Karla, a fashion designer.


“Please sir, I must ask you to put on your seatbelt.” One of the flight attendant said to a rather short and stocky fellow a few seats in front of them. The little midget’s beard was stuck inside the buckle of the seatbelt. His name was Giuseppe Gundalio.


Sitting next to him by the window was a young teenage girl wearing a tight pink tank top matched with a very short skirt. The neckline of her tank top was cut low enough to reveal the small tattoo of a scorpion on her left breast. Her otherwise beautiful face was infested by layers and layers of make-up. She was rolling her eyes at the midget and said “Whateeeeever!” before pausing abruptly with her eyes wide open in shock. Her name was Sharon.


In the back of the plane, a man who was at the time sitting on the toilet and reading the newest edition of “Gun Unlimited” dropped the magazine on the floor and stood up suddenly. Master-Sergeant Joe Aalright of the Marine Corps, a man ready for anything found himself caught with his pants down for the first time since basic.

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The young woman known as Karla, looks around slowly with wide eyes. What’s going on? Where am I? Where’s Termon? He was right…and what kind of contraption is this? Where’s Shannon? And Gun and Aerik…


As she looks to her left and notices a man who favors Tanner however, if it is him, he looks much younger. Is that Tanner? Why is he dressed so strangely? She looks down at herself and notices the tight fitting red dress. What am I wearing? Something is really wrong here. And what is this thing…wait did she say landing? We’re flying? How is that possible? Oh my head hurts, I feel dizzy; I don’t understand…


She stares at the man beside her cautiously, as if she wants to say something but doesn’t dare.

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Looking around in shock Sharon tries to understand where she is. She thinks back to the last thing she can remember. We were attacking someone, who was it, what am I forgeting. Maybe this is the afterlife, but then what am I wearing, hey that looks kinda like Gund maybe we all died.

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This flight had better not run late, Dr. Michael Tanner thinks, his eyes closed in order to relax. I have to present at the Neurology seminar in exactly... He opens his eyes to look down at his Rolex.


Seminar, what seminar???? And what is this contraption on my wrist??? Where in the name of all that's Holy am I?


He looks around at the other passengers on the plane. The knockout blonde next to him is staring at him strangely; a blank expression on her face. She looks VERY familiar....


"Kyra, is that you?" he asks. Suddenly, before she can respond, the memories come flooding back to Tanner with enough force that his head is thrown back into the soft cushion of his first class seat.


He watches as the dwarf and finally the two ladies leave what appears to be the Master of the Guard's building and head toward the main complex. As the two ladies get closer to the house, he notices movement on the peripheral of his vision in the spyglass.


Refocusing his attention to the Guard Masters office, he notices a young guard running to the office and pound heavily upon the door. The door opens and the Guard Master opens. There is a heated discussion. The young man is very animated, pointing back to the guard house and then pointing up at Tanner watching from the inn. He then motions towards the house that the others have just entered. Oh my God, they're onto us!! He says to Vincent, watching through the other spyglass, We have to get down there NOW to help them!!!"


The two men grab their weapons and race out of the inn and down the streets of the town. They slow down a bit as they approach the guard house at the entrance to the complex, but only two men are stationed there now. Vincent does not even stop running his swords flash and one of the guards drops; his neck and belly both sporting gaping wounds. Tanner meets with the other guard in a collision of flesh and steel. The other man is no match for his whirling scimitar and he quickly drops dead to the pavement as well. Tanner then begins running again to catch up with Vincent.


The two men approach the main entrance to the house. There is the sound of steel on steel coming from inside the building as well as the screams of the dying and explosions of magic.


They enter the house without hesitation and the battle scene unfolds around them. Kyra and Shannon stand back to back, each with a sword in her hand; a pile of corpses surrounds them and blood is everywhere. Some of the bodies appear to be scortched and blackened. The dwarf is off to their right, a meat cleaver in one hand and a staff in the other; an equally impressive pile of bodies surrounds him as well.


The crackle of magic causes him to look to the far end of the room. There are two wizards there preparing to cast some sort of spells at his new comrades. Not if I can help it he thinks as Vicent jumps into the fray, cutting down several of the guards, only taking minor damage himself.


Tanner casts a flaming sphere at the two wizards as they cast their own magics at the group battling in front of him. The magics collide in midair along with the magic missiles that Kyra has also just fired at the wizards. There is a great explosion in the middle of the room. Tanner just has time to see the void open up and begin to swallow everything before the world explodes in fire. There is a searing pain throughout his body and he screams, throwing his head back...


Darkness claims them all.


Dr. Michael Tanner opens his eyes and realizes that he's still on the airplane, whatever that is. Kyra is still staring at him in shock and confusion.

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Shannon hears someone speak from further back did he say Kyra. Twisting round in her seat Shannon tries to see where the voice came from however the seat rest obscures her view. As she twists round to the otherside she sees a porthole, looking out to try and see if she can see the shore or something that helps identify where she is. Shannon's face goes white as a ghost and her hands grip the chair rests firmly. We are flying higher than the clouds, the ground is so far away, this must be the afterlife.

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Kyra? He called me Kyra. That is Tanner! Just as she is about to reply she sees his head fall back against the seat. “Tanner,” she whispers. “Are you…o…o…oh!” Suddenly the dull pain in her head becomes a sharp sting. She places her head in her hand that rests on the arm rest. In a flash the memories are replayed before her.


She remembers being lead to a larger room with Shannon and Gund. There are several guards waiting for them. This is odd, something is not right there. Just as she thinks this, more guards come storming in and begin surrounding them. Kyra’s eyes go wide as she looks to Shannon as if to say “Oh elf.” The two move back to back circling the room together as the survey the enemies as the guards laugh and curse at them.


“We need weapons!” Kyra cries to Shannon.


“Got any ideas?” she replies. “We’re not going to last long without them.


“I have a few,” Krya says with a grin. “Follow me.” The two girls continue to circle the room as Krya looks for a guard with a sword that she and Shannon are used to. The guards watch them in curiosity as Kyra comes face to face with one. She smiles sweetly at him as she raises her free hand as if to wave. She sings a few words and instantly a flash of blinding light streaks from her hand into the eyes of the guard. He screams in pain and covers his eyes with his hands, dropping his sword. “I can’t see! The b*tch has blinded me!” Kyra gets an idea, seeing a torch hanging on the wall near the blinded guard.


“Get the sword,” she says to Shannon as she lunges to grab the torch. She quickly returns and backs against Shannon. The two fight as the guards attack, Shannon with the sword, Kyra with the torch.


“See the guard to your right?” Kyra asks as she kicks away a screaming guard she just burned. “Get me to him.”


“Alright,” Shannon replies as she cuts down another guard. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”


Krya tosses aside the torch as she comes face to face with her chosen guard. “Don’t even think about casting some spell on me you little witch!” he snares as he lunges for her. Kyra, still holding her dagger in her other hand, unsheathes it with a quick movement and just as the guard raises his sword, she thrusts it into his chest.


“I wouldn’t dream of it,” she says coldly as she grabs his sword and pushes him aside with a side ward kick.


“Ok, Shannon,” she says locking arms with her with her free arm. “Let’s dance our way around this room; one step at a time.”


The two continue to circle the room, fighting as one with more strength than their attackers first anticipated. If one gets into a tight situation, they do a quick spin with their locked arms, removing them with a graceful movement.


Suddenly, the girls see Vincent dash into the room shortly followed by Tanner and then by Aerik. Vincent spots them quickly and within seconds he is by their side, taking a few guards down in the process.


“Here!” he yells as she tosses Kyra her chakram belt and pack and Shannon her swords.


“Thanks!” Krya yells back. The two girls take turns equipping themselves as the other covers. Kyra rips the skirt of her dress to allow for better movement as she straps her belts to her thighs and her waist. As she looks up she sees two men enter the room from an adjacent door from where Tanner and Aerik are fighting. She recognizes one as Termon and both men have scrolls hanging from their belts.


“Uh, oh,” Krya says to Shannon. “We have more company and it isn’t the good kind.” Loosing her concentration for a second, Krya is caught off guard by an attacking guard. She does a tight spin twirling her and Shannon away from him; however Kyra is not quick enough, as she suffers a cut to her forarm.


“AIYA!” Kyra screams in pain but continues to fight with the blood running down her arm.


Suddenly she hears a crack of magic. “Oh no!” she yells again. She knows that one if not both of the men has just casted a spell. She does another spin still tightly locked with Shannon’s arm, just in time to see Tanner casting to try to counter it. “Oh what the h*ll,” Kyra quick holds up her hand and begins singing a few short words until FLASH! Darkness…


Kyra opens her eyes again; the piercing pain in her head returning to a dull pulse. She looks again to Tanner with a look of realization.


“What did we do?”

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"Kyra, it is you!" Tanner says with obvious relief "I think that when our magic collided with the spells cast by Termon and his lackey, it caused some strange side-effect and tore a hole in the space-time continuum. Somehow we got sent here, wherever here is. I seem to have become some kind of medicine man, a neurologist, whatever that is. This thing that we are on is called an "airplane" and we are on our way to the kingdom of "San Francisco" so that I can present my "dissertation" and a "conference."


"I don't know who else may be here as well, both friend and foe. We need to be on the look-out."

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"Kyra it's you!" Tanner said.


One of the flight attendant looked at Tanner suspiciously. She thought she heard him talk in some kind of strange language she didn't recognize but understood. She eventually blamed it on stress and altitude, those two are definitely Americans.


"Doctor Tanner, is everything alright?" she asked

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Krya straightens up when the attendent approaches.

"Doctor Tanner, is everything alright?" she asked


Krya quickly looks down at her hand for some reason and notices a highly decorated gold band on her left ring finger. She glances at Tanner and notices he has a matching band on the same finger. Suddenly a though pops into her head. Why is the bimbo bothering me and my husband...wait what did I say....husband...what?


She looks cooling up at the attendent and says, "My dear husband is just a little stressed. He'd like a little peace now." Which that she waves her hand to shoo off the attendent. What did I say? How weird...I know I was thinking in common but what language was I speaking???

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The office was the same dang hole I’ve been staying at for years. The only person that ever came in nowadays was the old janitor on his graveyard shift. It wasn’t much fun, but for a private detective; there was no time for fun. The name’s Foley. Detective Arik Foley, P.I.... I lost my colour vision a while ago in a freak accident.


I picked up the morning paper, and saw the same old crap. Gangster shot this guy, alcohol found here, someone got his brains busted in the middle of a bar, people went missing… It never changed. Still, the headlines caught my eyes like a fish in a net.


“Famous singer found dead in her bedroom. Cabana Club security tightened…”


Heh… another Cabana singer found dead. It didn’t take a genius to see that the owner was being muscled.


The file on my desk stuck out like a sore thumb. It was the recent report for the Giovani Gunddine case. The cops were already under his payroll. Someone must have wanted him busted pretty badly to give this case to me…


Gunddine… a mug of him was in the file. Bearded little man, wasn’t he? The guy ran his racket at the Cabana Club. Some big-shot mobster, gunrunning, extortion, fraud, and liquor were his business. But in this world, business can be dangerous, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had lots of enemies trying to drag him down a peg or two. There were plenty of other mug shots and pictures of Gunddine’s men… and women. Mobsters hoods, an payrolled officials.


I put on my coat, holstered my Browing Colt 45., and walked out the door. Time for another case…


The club was the brightest thing I’ve seen in the whole dang city. Flickering neon lights, and red carpet at the front door. I walked in, the gun in my pocket stirred under my coat.


Inside was just as bright. A band was playing on stage, the jazz music filling my ears. I sat down, and spied on Gunddine. The short man sat a table, surrounded by his goombah hoods. I could make out their faces well.


Gunddine sat there on his elevated chair, a huge cigar chomped between his teeth. He looked just like any of the city’s mobster, although half the size and twice as bearded. A regular dwarf…


Karen, the hit-women, was sitting there. For such a young and gentle-looking women, she wore death like a mink coat. Sitting on Gunddine’s lap was a gorgeous lady, Barbara Shannen. From what I’ve heard, she was the Cabana’s top singer, but I doubted it was her voice that attracted Gunddine. And there was Marcus Tanner, the lawyer. He looked really out of place around the mobsters sitting around him, like a cat in the middle of a junkyard full of dogs.


I stood up, and made my way to the table. As sudden as rain on a bright morning, the sound of clanking metal came from behind me. I looked back to see a dozen pinstriped-suited men, Tommie guns in their hands. Looking back at Gunddine, all of his hoods had already gotten out of their seats, and drew their guns.


Than, it hit me like a baseball bat on the kneecap. Gunddine did have plenty of enemies, and sooner or later they would strike. The roaring sound of machine guns in my ears was the orchestra of a mob war.



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Your group is in a completely white and cylindrical room. Machineries and bleeping lights adorns the round walls. Everyone is floating in thin air. It’s cold and you can’t breath. Through a window can be seen a mass darkness lit by stars. There is a man wearing what seems like white armor and weird headgear which he speaks through. He is floating also, and turns to you with a really surprised look.


"Uhhh.... Houston? We have a... a problem. Ummm.."




You are suddenly on a dusty street of a sandy town. There are wooden buildings aligned in a row on either side. Two men with curious wide-brimmed hats are standing in front of you at about a few dozen feet away. They wear boots with stirrups and they are starring hard at you. Their hands are hovering above what seems to be some kind of metal contraptions. If may only be your imagination but you hear a faint music playing in the background, it’s an harmonica. The wind blows a couple tumbleweeds across the street.


"Well, partna'... you feelin' lucky?" one of the man asks then raises the contraption. POW.




You are in a room surrounded by paper walls. The light is coming from candles on a stand. One of the man, dressed in odd clothes stands up and points to you.


"Yookidawaaaa kamari ooookiiiizza WASABI!” he shouts in a rough voice and raise a curved sword at you. In some weird way, his lips didn’t match with his speech.




Again, you fall back into darkness once more but you are conscious. You are able to hear faint voices.


“Murnig! The summoning, is it working?” A small high-pitched voice asked excitedly.


“Shat your mouth Turo, let me concentrate!” another voice replied.

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You’re suddendly starring at a two very bookish-looking gnomes, they stare back at you wide-eyed. You’re in a small chamber with a small door but no window. On the ground and all around you are various circles of power. This appears to a summoning chamber. You look around you and you see all your companions in various states of shock.


OCC: no more flash!

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Shannon looks around in confusion the last eternity has felt like a nightmare. The different places and the strange lanugages and people. I must be dead for surely this is h3ll. Looking around Shannon sees Kyra or at least someone mostly like Kyra. Shannon crawls towards her "K .. Kyra are we dead is this h3ll?" On reaching Kyra Shannon collapses in her arms and start sobbing.


OOC Sorry for the H3lls but if you use H E L L the forum changes it to Heck.

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Kyra awakes from what seems like endless nightmares. Where am I now? She tries to sit up but feels much weaker than normal. She looks at her left arm and sees the cut from the sword was still there and the blood had dried in streaks. Her head still felt dizzy; and she just didn’t feel herself. Something was different yet she couldn’t put her finger on what exactly.


She barely notices Shannon at first. Wait is that really Shannon? She looks so young.


"K .. Kyra are we dead is this h3ll?" On reaching Kyra Shannon collapses in her arms and start sobbing.


Still in shock herself, she unconscious holds her friend close and consoles her with her uninjured arm. “No, Shannon, I don’t think we’re in h3ll. I talked to Tanner on the plane and he said he thought our magic collided with the spells cast by Termon and it might have caused some strange side-effect; a tear in the space-time continuum…or something.”


She looks around trying to focus on the room and who was there. To see who else made it through.

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One of the gnomes who called himself Murnig slowly raised a finger. His mouth opened and closed as he fumbled for words. “Would you…you would excuse us for a moment" The other gnome only smiled horribly, obviously quite shaken.


They huddled together a little farther away and started to talk excitedly.


“Weren’t you supposed to summon imps to help us clean the labs you little fat-headed dummy!”


“I told you to be quiet when I cast my spell! It’s your fault you smelly…idiot”


“It’s not my fault and I do not smell!”


“Yes you do!”


“Do not!


“Do to!


”Do not multiplied by a thousand!”


One of them looked over his shoulder at the newcomers and smiled reassuringly before huddling back.


“Ok what do we do now?” Asked Murnig


“We have a bunch of humans, an elf and a dwarf in underwear!!!” Turo answered.


“Ok ok ok, calm down. Let me handle this” Murnig said and came toward the group of adventurers smiling diplomatically. “Hi there!” he said cheerfully. He and his companions were dressed in dark red robes with an astounding number of pockets filled with tools, scrolls and half-chewed on pencils.


OCC: you are half-naked and you don't have any weapon on you.

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