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Hi folks!


Today I started painting #03836 "Jakob Janssen, Monk" for our friend Jakob. Sending him some good vibes during this time and excited to finish this and ship it his way! I started with skintones and I'm currently working on painting him with a big ol' George Clooney smile ::D: 


I want to finalize my color scheme but I'm really struggling! Many great painters have already posted photos of their version of this mini and I want to do something different than what's already been done. Here are the three I'm considering:



HALP! The more options I research, the less decisive I get. Going to check back in tonight to see what folks think since I'll need to decide before my livestream tomorrow morning. At the end of the day, no matter what color scheme I choose, I'll do my absolute best to make sure it's something that will hopefully bring @JakobJanssen some creative joy :wub:  I'll check back in soon. Thanks in advance for your thoughts & suggestions!! 



Jakob 1 500x500px.jpg

Jakob 2 500x500px.jpg

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I'm not sure I'm qualified to give advice -those eyes already look better than any I've ever done! 


But the halfling monk does look really interesting from a colour point of view.

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Looking good! Might I ask what the Jakob Janssen thing is? 

Why is everyone painting the same miniature for him?

I gathered from comments that Reaper made the mini for him but I can't find any info anywhere about the how and the why :) 

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