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Bones 4 Blacktooth Terror

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Don't have a lot of earlier in progress shots of him, for some reason I got some inspiration on Monday night and got him to this point. I've been having some issues with him being able to stand up under his own power (even the boil/ice done two different times didn't help ::(:) but I came up with a decent workaround. I got the stem of a flight base, glued it to his chest and the base, and then painted it to look like a little tree that Blacktooth was walking over and sort of has pushed against his chest, then added a few piece of moss to make it look like it's got leaves. I'm mostly done at this point, except I will be doing more on the base when I get another chance to paint, and have a few touchup things I need to hit including some layering on the claws. I did his eyes like I did the Mumlak I painted, except in this case I did a slit type pupil instead of a circle. Very little dry brushing on this, I used it sparingly, mostly only to put the yellowish color on his back and a little on the underside to pick out some of the skin details. Thoughts?



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