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    • By Lidless Eye
      I've been trying to work on my encounters for Rangers of Shadow Deep.  Here's a bunch of randomness from that work!

      Oh, Rats!

      We have: a Warhammer Quest rat, a Frostgrave Wizards II Rat Familiar, a Reaper Bones Rat Swarm, a Reaper Bones Rat Ogre, a Spawn Rat from Dark Platypus Studios, a Warhammer Skaven Giant Rat, and a Rat Mama 3D print from Crippled God Foundry.

      Oh, Bats!

      A Bat Swarm from Reaper Bones.
      An Infestation of Spiders:

      A Reaper Bones Cavern Spider, a Reaper Bones Spider Swarm, a man-faced spider that may be from Foundry, and a classic Warhammer Quest giant spider.

      Flies that are Giant:

      One of the more unusual encounters in Rangers of Shadow Deep. I picked these up from the 40k Kill Team: Rogue Trader boxed set before there were official models.
    • By Brianuk
      The latest Rangers of Shadow Deep book is set in a desert so have gone through the lead pile to see what Eastern and Arabic flavoured minis I have. I also have some sand banks and desert terrain which am adding to. 
      Really enjoyed painting this mini which is by Diehard miniatures (sculptor Tim Prow). Went for a pale pallette, over an Army Painter cream undercoat and an all over umber ink wash. Am probably not adding tufts to these bases (although do that for western minis). 

    • By MoebiusStrip
      I created a single scenario mission for low level rangers based on the "The Dungeon" books from Loke Battlemats. Since here are some rosd players and backers of that kickstarter I thought I'd share it. No clue how large the overlap is. Anyhow, C&C welcome, reports of how it went also.
      I played it with two players (GF and I). We had a close, but successful, mission with level 0 and level 1 rangers. I would say tough adventure, and mid level ranger around level 5 might also be fine.
    • By Lidless Eye
      Over my "weekend", I finally put all my recent works to use and played the intro scenario, "The Missing", of Rangers of Shadow Deep as a solo game.  Alexa kept me company with backup tunes.

      The majority of my Ranger and Companions were based off old D&D characters:
      Apprentice Mik (Conjurer) a young wizard who joined the Rangers for extra credit.

      Hershel (Bloodhound) Cormac's longtime companion.

      Anwar (Archer) a pirate turned manhunter, now serving in the ranks of the Rangers in exchange for a clean slate.

      Cormac Wildkin (Ranger) the Half-Orc son of a renowned Elf hero. He was left at the doorstep of his father's Ranger Lodge and raised in their ways. He is a loyal member hoping to live up to his father's legacy.

      Thorek Silverthumbs (Rogue) a Dwarf smuggler who joined the band to investigate his clan's disappearance.

      Ajaxxus Skiotho (Savage) a Tiefling former hermit who has fallen under a berserker curse and joined the team guided by strange visions.

          The party begins their investigation at the fountain at the center of the village.  
          Cormac and Hershel go to exterminate the giant rats in the Dwarf Outpost.     The companions quickly get swarmed at the fountain.       Hershel is taken out quickly by a partial building collapse. Even Dwarven Architecture can't withstand the unknown forces of the Shadow Deep.     Thorek finds odd tracks but can't quite figure out what they mean.     The fountain crew is not doing well.     Cormac continues to clear out the nasties lurking near the Dwarf Outpost.     Mik decides to begin his trend of running away from danger.     Thorek spots a "clue" near the ale stores.     Squeak squeak squeak         Ajaxxus remembers that civilized folks like people to knock on their door...slightly after using his sledge.     Meanwhile, Mik realizes he didn't memorize "Knock" today     More undead are attracted to the village center.       Ajaxxus convinces a Survivor to come out of hiding.     Mik casts "Run Away!"     Cormac finds treasure.   The Survivor realizes Ajaxxus may have exaggerated how safe it was to leave.   Mik realizes he ran the wrong way.   Thorek finds the remains of Ranger Aventine, stashed among the kegs.   Mik miscasts "Run Away!"   More Zombies?!?   Ajaxxus attempts to rescue Mik...   But even the mighty Savage is overwhelmed. Cormac and Thorek pick off the zombies from a distance, before the expedition came to an end.     Having finally played, my review for Rangers of Shadow Deep is positive.  It was a lot of fun, and I didn't know what to expect with the random Clues and Events tables.  I wasn't expecting to only have two of my original team still standing at the end!  Thankfully, they all survived, with only Ajaxxus suffering a Smashed Arm.  Hopefully they'll be luckier when they follow the strange tracks they found.
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