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    • By Samedi
      Since everybody is doing it... 
      Welcome to my RoSD-WIP! This is my first attempt at painting something for an actual game. I really like to give it a try, and with the "bring your own mini"-concept of RoSD I don't feel pressured to paint everything in the same style or to the same standard. With my pace of painting I expect to play the first mission in late 2023, if everything goes well. 
      But this is not about being able to play quickly, it's more of a fun side project with lots of random updates, little stories and long pauses in between.
      And it's about being able to go on my next buying spree, of course! 
      I have absolutely no talent for strategy and tactics so I'll be choosing the ranger and his companion solely by whether I like the mini and whether it fits the story and the character I have in mind.
      To be able to play my first mission I'll have to paint the following:

      Ranger: 03926 Ogana
      Conjuror: 04020 Raza Twinsight
      Guardswoman: 02509 Mother Superior
      Templar: 02795 Paladin Initiate
      Rogue: 02781 Warl Hellbore
      Dog: 30013 Roogtarki Ore Hound
      THE RATS
      03753 Barrow Rats
      four Giant Rats by Tabletop Art
      03598 George & Gracie
      03691 Ronnie & Reggie
      03471 Zombies (3)
      50293 Bonnie (because I just had to!)
      03123 Village Mob (a leftover from RVE)
      a rat catcher and a mysterious stranger by otherworld miniatures
      All in all, 25 minis. That should keep me occupied for a long, long time. Let's see how it goes!
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hello again!  I'm back with an assortment of Bones that are serving as my Rangers of Shadow Deep solo party.  Decided I wanted a classic fantasy look, but didn't want to fall into the cliched green cloak look.  With that stipulation, I settled on a more autumnal color palette, and tried to keep this aesthetic across the entire party, without anyone looking like they were wearing matching uniforms.  I'm pretty pleased with the results and I tried to push myself with each mini.  What do you think?

      More Photos and Thoughts Beneath the Spoiler:
      I have only played a few scenarios of Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I'm honestly not sold on the whole solo-game thing.  But if the game has done anything for me, it has given me motivation to paint more and has given purpose to some of the things I already have painted.  I already ordered some extra gnolls and ghouls to meet the required numbers and will likely be showing off some monsters soon.
      Which character do you like best?
      What games have motivated you to paint those piles of shame?
      Feel free to share your own photos!
    • By Brianuk
      I've been collecting the official ROSD miniatures and some Reaper minis that fit the aesthetic. I actually played the missions with others but wanted to set them all out (and may well start again with a new crew...). 
      There are 3 reaper minis in this, a Tre Manor ranger, Ardallen the Knight, and Aeowyn Silverwood. 
      My actual ranger/PC is by Dark Sword miniatures. 
      Then there is a recruit/guardsman from Grenadier, a dog by Wargames Atlantic. 
      The remaining minis are by Northstar. The caster is one of the rangers, and the 4 others are the NPCs in the Blood Moon mission. That one's a lot of fun as you need to find out which of them is a werewolf.

    • By Great Khan Artist
      I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the RoSD panel this morning. It was really great; thanks Joe and Reaper Team. Much of the panel was Joe explaining what the game was about and a bit of how it plays. Some of the high points for me were:
      The first few suppliments will be compiled together into one big volume. In the past, the web releases for Frostgrave were compiled into the Frostgrave Folio and Joe wrote some new material that release. Here's hoping he will for the RoSD collected volume as well, coming from the girl who has everything.  
      Joe believes that games should have a solo element. Covid has only reinforced this. He wants purchasers to be able to play his games immediately after purchase. Expect continued support for solo elements in his games. RoSD is the only game that was specifically designed for solo play, and will play better this way than the -Grave family. 
      The second part of the trilogy that started with Across the Wastes has gone to the printers. This will be a dungeon crawl-style game. It will have 4 levels. Much of this mission will have hidden clues. What monsters await the rangers in the rooms of the dungeon is not specified on set up.
      The third part of the trilogy is still in development. It has to do with storming an enemy fortress and is called [something] Citadel. Joe wouldn't give us too many details for fear of spoiling the content of the second part. 
      Across the Wastes is getting minis to support some of the stranger creatures. The humpback and zombie camels are the ones he mentioned.  
      Strangely, he didn't talk much about how similar -Grave and RoSD are mechanically. I'm not going to talk about it either on the assumption that there are plenty of videos and comments about this already on the internet. Chat wanted to know mostly about minis (surprised?) and about online games. RoSD has a robust Facebook following and there are some fan-made missions there. He also talked about self-publishing his game in both America and the UK. Social media has played a major impact in getting the games exposed and creating a fan base.     
    • By Ooook
      December batch :
      - 10 giant flies for RoSD (trick or treat stuff)
      - 12 giant rats for RoSD (Reaper)
      - 30 trees from various brands (ziterdes, GreenStuff World, Amazon)
      - Troll Slayer Sophie (Reaper)
      (more pics on my blog )

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