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A Special Friend

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This is a story I wrote based on a writing prompt from my writing group. The prompt was 'your imaginary friend is real.' My goal with this was to write a story that contained nothing but dialogue. Any feedback is appreciated.

This is also available on my blog: https://gmvader.wordpress.com


A Special Friend

Detectives Marcus Allison and Janet Masters still missing. Last known whereabouts: Interrogation Room 3. Transcript of recording device found inside interrogation room.


Officer Allison: Rosy, will you tell us how old you are, for the record?

Rosy Calloway: What does ‘the record’ mean?

Allison: It mean so we can remember it later.

Rosy: Oh… I’m this many.

Mrs. Calloway: They want you to say it, honey.

Rosy: I’m six.

Allison: Thank you, Rosy. We’d like to ask you a few questions about a friend of yours. Billy Applestone?

Rosy: Okay.

Officer Masters: Did you see what happened to Billy?

Allison: Please state yes or no for the recording.

Rosy: No. I ran away first.

Masters: Did your parents tell you what happened to him?

Rosy: No. Quincy did.

Allison: Who is Quincy.

Rosy: Quincy is my friend. He told me so I wouldn’t be afraid.

Allison: Does Quincy have a last name?

Rosy: Nope. Just Quincy.

Mrs. Calloway: Quincy is her imaginary friend.

Rosy: Imaginary means nobody else can see him.

Allison: Actually… ah… I see. Okay.

Masters: What did Quincy tell you?

Rosy: Billy got hurt. He might not… (unintelligible).

Masters: Please speak up, Rosy, for the recording.

Rosy: I said, he might not make it — that means he might die.

Allison: Right. Well, it turns our your friend was right…

Mrs. Calloway: I’m not comfortable with you talking about that in front of my daughter.

Allison: Right. Sorry ma’am. Rosy, before Billy… well, before he…

Masters: Last time we spoke to Billy he told us that you had attacked him.

Mrs. Calloway: Rosy would do no such things. She is a child. Do you really think a six-year-old could do… that.

Allison: We’re just following up on this, ma’am. No I do not think Rosy could have done… what we saw. We just have to ask the questions.

Mrs. Calloway: Are you accusing Rosy of… I think we are through here.

Rosy: It’s okay. I didn’t hurt Billy. I don’t hurt people. That would be mean.

Mrs. Calloway: She has answered your questions. Now we are leaving, unless you plan to arrest a six-year-old for…

Rosy: Quincy did it for me.

Masters: What was that, Rosy?

Rosy: Billy was being mean, he said I’m ugly and nobody wants to play with me.

Allison: So, what did you do?

Rosy: I told Quincy and he said he would make sure Billy never does that again.

Mrs. Calloway: Quincy is an imaginary friend, it’s just stories she makes up. Her therapist says it’s normal for children her age.

Allison: Can you describe Quincy to us?

Rosy: He’s blue with a unicorn horn and a pink mane.

Allison: Quincy is a unicorn?

Rosy: No. He just has a horn like one. He’s a person but he has blue fur and long claws so he can climb trees and stuff. Like a cat.

Masters: Billy was stabbed by an animal horn. Do you have a horn you play with?

Mrs. Calloway: I don’t believe this, you think Rosy did this?

Rosy: No. It was Quincy. Same as with Isabeth.

Allison: Isabeth?

Mrs. Calloway: Isabeth Wilson, the little girl that disappeared last year. Rosy made up this story about Quincy. It’s how she deals with the trauma.

Masters: Rosy. Where is Quincy now?

Rosy: I don’t know. He hides sometimes. He’s really good at hiding.

Mrs. Calloway: My daughter has been through enough. I don’t see any reason for you to be asking her questions about her imaginary friend or…

Allison: Mrs. Calloway can we speak with you along for one minute?

Mrs. Calloway: Uh. Sure, but… Rosy, will you wait outside?

Masters: Just outside the door is fine. We’ll call you back in after a minute.

Allison: Mrs. Calloway, we found remnants of blue fur on Billy’s body. He was stabbed several times with, what our coroner assures us, is an animal horn. He even found bits of calcified hair in the wound.

Mrs. Calloway: What are you saying? Rosy’s imaginary friend killed Billy?

Masters: Does Rosy have anything with blue fur on it? A coat, a costume, or scarf?

Mrs. Calloway: No. No. Rosy wouldn’t do this. She couldn’t do it. She’s only six.

Masters: Of course she couldn’t ma’am. She’s a sweet little girl but we need to finish asking her questions because there’s obviously something she does know.

Mrs. Calloway: Oh. Okay. Five more minutes. Then we are through. Rosy has been through enough. We’ll be paying for her therapist until she’s twenty after this.

Masters: Thank you, ma’am.

Allison: Come back in Rosy. We’re going to ask you a few more questions.

Masters: Did you see something funny out in the hallway?

Rosy: No, Quincy just said something funny before you let me in.

Masters: Quincy is here?

Allison: What did he say?

Rosy: Yes, he’s here. He said maybe he would introduce himself to you later. He says introduce means to meet you. It’s funny because nobody can see Quincy except for me.

Allison: Where is Quincy now?

Rosy: Right behind you. He says he wants to keep an eye on you.

Masters: Rosy, we need you to think really hard. You’re sure you weren’t there when Billy was… hurt. You didn’t see what happened.

Rosy: Nope. Quincy always waits until after I’m gone. So I won’t have to see it. He says it’s like when Mommy and Daddy wait until I’m asleep to watch scary movies.

Allison: Rosy, I think we’re through asking questions but if you do remember anything else at all will you please tell you mommy so she can call us and let us know. It’s really important.

Rosy: Okay. Come on Quincy.

Mrs. Calloway: We can go? We’re done?

Rosy: Okay. If you think it’s important.

Allison: Thank you Mrs. Calloway for being so understanding. We’re just trying to get to the bottom of this.

Masters: Tell Quincy good night for us, Rosy.

Rosy: Oh, I don’t have to, he’s staying here for awhile. Good night.

Allison: Good night, Rosy. Mrs. Calloway.


End of Record.

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