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Omnissious Power Packs - Rechargeable LED Kits for Minis

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The essence of miniature modeling has always been to capture the magic of imaginary worlds. When I was growing up, I used to love looking through magazines showing highly detailed models in epic battle scenes. All those visuals were a catalyst for my imagination thinking of all these magical worlds. I was amazed to find out that not only was it a hobby to build and paint them, but that I could create those magical worlds for myself! Even now, the aspect I appreciate most about this hobby is expressing myself through kitbashing and bringing my imaginations to reality. I’m always thinking of ways to improve the magic of my models so it's only natural that I started thinking of how to add lights to them!

I was really inspired by what other members of the community were coming up with and the techniques they used to achieve certain effects. I was talking to a talented painter from my local game shop about adding lights to his miniatures. He said it was a really cool idea but lost interest quickly because of all the problems involved with where to put the batteries and how to change them out.

My partner and I looked around and what most people were doing was adding a cell battery to the bottom of their bases and letting it dangle out or sealing something a bit more heavy duty in their models. We set out to design a power system that fits in the base, and is rechargeable to keep your models playable and removing all the hassle with jerry-rigged battery systems.


The solution we came up with is an easy plug-in system so once you have the model wired up, you just have to connect it to the power pack and close it up! Once your model is finished and the power pack is in the base, charging your model is as simple as displaying it on the charging station. We used a wireless charging system similar to the Qi chargers used for phones. 


The charging station uses a USB cord so you can easily charge it in any wall socket or even from your computer!  

Here is how to install the Omnissious power packs:

b2925cad55a6158f681c5182a1967bbc_origina Step 1: Drill a hole in the base where you want to connect your model
2b71c5ca0ec48445fb709aa93354bd8c_origina Step 2: Thread the electrical wire through
b5f15627eece084fa02419ae43922670_origina Step 3: Plug in your Power Pack

With backgrounds in engineering, it was important for us to confirm that our device could be mass produced before asking for funding. So we worked directly with a manufacturer to test and confirm manufacturing plans. We even tested the prototypes on our models and have been using them in our weekly games and tournaments… for uh, science. Check them out!

842216fdcfe3bb3d43e0ac6a181a5981_origina LEDs in the heads light and the canon
8d56412a68355e9b59da781dd78b460a_origina LEDs in the plasma gun
a945f8a87c1c1e90e09631ec19d79027_origina LEDs to light up the candles on this ritual table
0963eff2d6dd22ff8f9ea5509ae1105d_origina LEDs in the eyes and right hand
ff26c7b06f63258ec270a054ff2fd07f_origina LED color options displayed in a group of elementals
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You have to seach the comments to find that the minimum base size is 42mm 

And I'll expect that the base must be at least 6mm thick, also.  


Yup, good for most boardgames... 


While it's a good idea, the current version isn't really suited for small minis. 


It's better for larger scale display pieces, but there you can probably hide a much larger battery, and you probably won't keep it switched on all the time, either. 


CON: the price of the wireless charging system, and they only have 3mm diameter LEDs. 


PRO: the ease of use, both recharging, and when hooking up LEDs. 



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I find it highly interesting the number of projects I've seen lately that will launch with a 30 day campaign, and less than halfway through are canceling it saying "Looks like we're not going to make our goal"  


It seems like a lot of people are expecting their campaigns to go like the big ones that are 'funded in 2 hours' and if they don't it's a "failure". That's not every campaign and not even the ones I've ended up most satisfied with.  Honestly a lot of those ones that get crazy overfunded like that seem to get caught in a stretch goal hell that ends up making incredibly difficult to fulfill....


Is there any harm in keeping the campaign going until closer to the end? At least till the last 48 hours when everyone knows most successful campaigns see a huge spike?

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From the stats on Kicktraq I'd say it was still a 50 - 50 chance of it funding, but...   

If they could shrink their tech a little bit so that it fits a smaller diameter base, even if it ends up thicker, it would be much more attractive for gamers.

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Below, from their facebook.  I hadn't seen this until this current set of comments.  TBH, I'd be iffy backing the 42mm size.  40mm I could sort of make work.  25mm is where I'd really like them to be.  They made 6300 of 40k pledged in the 2wks it ran.  I'd judge them to be a solid maybe leaning towards no on making the goal.  I hope I catch them when/if they retool and try again.

Thank you all for following us this far! Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be making our funding goal at this point in the game. We have decided to make the tactical decision to retreat so we can regroup, re-evaluate our strategy, and come back to the fight better prepared! We have heard all your requests and concerns, and will use them in our preparations for our next launch.
We are so happy to hear all the positive feedback and to know that you all see great potential in this! We are energized to get this product to you as best we can! To do this, we are going back to the drawing board and working on ways to make this a better, more accessible product for you and your gaming communities.
Stay tuned for updates on our future relaunch and more tutorials for LED related modeling projects while we prepare for the next battle!
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4 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

I find it highly interesting the number of projects I've seen lately that will launch with a 30 day campaign, and less than halfway through are canceling it saying "Looks like we're not going to make our goal"  


I used to see it every now and then in the earlier days, I think? 


Fund goals aren't always truthful. Some creators expect more money to come in, and will cancel a KS if they don't reach their *real* expectations. KS can cost money to run, or may be quite stressful, so they'll cancel earlier. Or they cancel so they don't have to "admit defeat" if funding fails. Also, not all pledges come through, so if a project barely reaches its goal, it will actually fail to reach it. :/

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One very big issue with KS is that any postage included in the pledges is counted towards the funding goal. 

And that can really elf over a creator these days. 


Cancelling early is a good thing to do if you fear you're not going to get it funded, because KS may be hesitant to let you re-run a KS project that failed to fund. A cancelled project isn't considered as bad as a failed project. 

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