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Maledrakh's 77498 Werearmadillo


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From Bones 3, the Werearmadillo

200628-bones-3-77498-werearmadillo-1.jpg 200628-bones-3-77498-werearmadillo-2.jpg 200628-bones-3-77498-werearmadillo-3.jpg 200628-bones-3-77498-werearmadillo-4.jpg 200628-bones-3-77498-werearmadillo-5.jpg 200628-bones-3-77498-werearmadillo-6.jpg

Obviously, lycanthropy has spread too far...and this is a reminder that Reaper are from Texas, where armadillos are native and as I understand it, seen as pests. I would really like to know how the sales figures for this model compares to other lycanthropes.





77498 Werearmadillo

from the Bones 3 Stoneskull expansion

Reaper Miniatures 2016

Sculpted by James Van Schaik

Classic Bones

50mm base

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