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28mm Pig Faced Orcs by RBJ Game Company

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Hadn't seen this here yet:


   You enter the cavern with water dripping down from overhead. The smell of rotten meat is thick in the air. From up ahead in the distance you hear the loud battle cry of your enemy SQUEEEEEEE! 

e8b515efcfa11f7c8c347a51d7dca527_origina Painted by Ben Rodman

     Pig faced orcs.  The most iconic encounter of any classic adventure. We have a nice variety of these little oinkers in the pen.

We enlisted the help of Bobby Jackson to sculpt the porcs and Jason Wiebe for all the pork besties. They did an awesome job.

Fortress Figures will be casting these beauties up in lead free white metal. 

Any support for our small family owned business is greatly appreciated.

0cdb619ae1f25b4c394d9fd8d2d22978_origina Painted by world renowned artist Rob Wheeler
cd1440852105f1b08d4a3dcde57f3372_origina Painted by world renowned artist Rob Wheeler

     This project is for unpainted, white metal and/or resin figurines. Models are provided NOT painted. Models are scaled to 28mm toe to eye or 1:60. Models are provided with a plastic tab/slot base. Figurines are not toys and are intended only for adults. Models may require some assembly, may have sharp or pointed parts and are a choking hazard to anyone prone to put them in their mouth.

I backed for the Ettin(ess) Bodyguard myself



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