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Tabula Volfyirion dragon miniature

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Just before Bones 5 completed, there was a kickstarter for a card game called Volfyirion by Tabula Games (KS link). I backed specifically for the mini, but did get the game as well (which is a lot of fun, by the way!). The base has crystal tokens that you plug into it that can be used in the game play and are made to be taken out. Here is the model unpainted:


Anyhow, once I completed Blacktooth, I remembered I hadn't painted this yet, so started last night :) Here are the tokens painted up as green crystals with the first coat of green on them. They're a bit more painted up now (which I'll have in the third pic):



Then, once I had those done, I started doing the crystals on the base in a similar manner:



And, then as I did with the tokens, I painted the base crystals up with a darker green thinned out a lot, then a lighter green thinned out, and then a light green/white mix thinned and used to edge, and a green glaze over all of it, then a light dry brush of white on the edges. I also started base coating the armor plates on his back, which I like this blue/gray color combo for it, but am trying to decide what to do with his underside and his head... Thinking a light purple/gray mix, but haven't fully decided on what to do with it - if you have any recommendations, definitely let me know!



So, so far so good! I really like the mini, and the game that started off as an afterthought purchase with the mini actually ended up being a really fun game! So, win/win with this kickstarter! Once he's done, I'll be back to trying to get Bones 4 stuff painted before I get a bunch of other minis in August from another kickstarter...

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Hadn't had a chance to paint over the weekend as I was spending most of my time building a patio in our back yard.... But, finally got some time last night to start working on it again. Trying to do a sort of glowing effect to the armor plates on the back. Will do some more layering on the armor plates once I decide how light I want to go on the next layer (it's currently a base, wash, layer, glaze, and another layer). The underbelly is based in a purple/gray color, and will get a purple wash and then some layering as well. Not quite sure what I want to do with the head and the legs yet. If you have any suggestions, I'm up for getting them.





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