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Mounted Hobgoblins , Swordsman and Lancers


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These are some mini's i had yet to see assembled and painted, and  i thought they were unique, so i picked a Trio from Ganesha games. They were also quite the PITA to assemble, Each Hyaendon ( Lion) and each rider were 6 pieces total.


    The Lions are quite nice but the riders could be better. They are really more Goblin-men than Hobgoblins, the detail on the Sowrsman's face leaves a little to be desired.


So after pinning, gluing, and basing my little heart out (bases not supplied) they sat for a long  time.  They do not come pre-drilled, you should do this IMO if you want a solid model.

The bigger Lion also has 2 legs up off the ground (will not stand up on it's own) so you have to pin it to a base too. I  used my favorite Reaper Ovals.



    Well i finally dragged them out and finished them. I decided that since they were so similar i would paint them as a Praetorian Guard for some Evil Goblin Emperor. I used non-standard Colors for the first-time on the Furr like blue and Orange and I think it paid off since the Riders are so colorful. I also tried to do a subtle tiger stripe motif by layering it in, and for my skill level i was happy with the blending on those.












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I've grown rather fond of them too, although at first i wasn't sure. They do have a Mongolian feel to them, even more so for the Hobgoblin infantry which i have a couple (unpainted). The company is in Malaysia but the mini's are made in Scotland, so I guess Mongolia is on the way ;)

              I also realized from the pics  that they're all left handed, and that right arm is kinda weird hanging out there in mid-air. It's begging for a set of reigns. Do i take a drill bit to the completed minis and add some wire reigns?

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