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Rebel Minis Motorpool Kickstarter - STL Files for 15mm and 28mm Scaled Vehicles and Weapons.

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Welcome to our newest Kickstarter! You'll notice this one is a little different. In this Kickstarter we are offering the STL Files of some of our classic models for you to print on your home 3D printers. These files, created and designed by John Bear Ross, offer tons of combinations and entrance into an amazing realm of sci-fi models. These models come scaled in 15mm AND 28mm!

Now, keep in mind, these are for personal use, not for commercial or resale. We own the copyrights and designs but for the sake of this Kickstarter, we are allowing the files to go to you, our loyal supporters.

So why are we doing this Kickstarter?

Short answer…We are raising funds to increase our in-house printing capabilities. This will allow us to develop more detailed models, models in larger scales, and bring out even more product lines. Rebel Minis is growing and we want you guys to be part of it.

But we can’t do it without you, so please consider pledging, and spreading the word!

Thank you,

Mike and JBR


The Reward

We have only one. ALL the files listed to be available for one pledged amount.  You get the files to everything you see scaled in both 15mm and 28mm.

Your pledge of $40 gets the whole kit n’ caboodle.  Once again, this is for PERSONAL USE! You do not have permission to distribute, copy or sell the files. *C'mon man, you know that ain’t cool!*

Stretch Goals

If we reach our goals, we will unlock stretch goals. These files will be added to the reward and download at the same time.


After the Kickstarter ends, and if it is successful, you will get a survey to confirm your email. Later, when they are ready, we will email you the links for download.

The Files

Look at all these Glorious Files, they can be yours!


Can I print the weapons and vehicles on FDM and Resin Printers? 

Yes, everything should be printable on both types of printers found in common use. Most of our prints are optimized for desktop resin printers like the Anycubic Photon or the Elegoo Mars, but FDM should be able to support most builds. If we encounter files that are too large for resin printers, we will happily go back and supply sliced and optimized files to be printed in smaller chunks


Gun drones, gun carriages, and weapons. 28mm and 15mm. The  Gun Carriages and brand new and have never been issued.

57619548e7f2efb3861551a2a8ff6953_origina 15mm Painted Gunbot examples
66f8fc62ba83248c9ca4e89484e9dd67_origina Gunbots and Gun Carriages
8d58469bda8725beb6372a58b4f36117_origina Painted Example of 15mm Scaled Gun Turret

The Sci-Fi Cycle build is a Fan Favorite. Weapon mounts on each side could be scaled for a variety of weapons.

3220cb7724baaa7f65321c7d243ee030_origina 15mm Painted Examples of teh Sci-Fi Cycles

With a variety of uses, The Combat Flatbed is a main stay on the future battlefield. The Hull can use the APC Treads from our other armored units, or use the original lifters as shown.

0d93eae0da3d6ad81bb111c0d572233b_origina 15mm Painted Examples of the combat flatbed

 MATVs come in both 15mm Classic and 28mm Upscale versions. Weapons turret has options for an M240G, M2 .50 Cal, M134 Gatling, and Mk47 Striker Grenade Machinegun. The MATV Truck is a new addition.

d82dc6317898ee096f23d7e0aa3c199c_origina 15mm Apache Painted Example
1aa8a6e853c8fd5119ac5c9a8624ffbf_origina MATV Breakdown

The Sahadeen's ride of choice, the Gila Fast Attack Vehicle. In 15mm Classic and 28mm Upscale. Weapon modifications for a variety of scenarios.

eeeb0c10d66f3ff2b72d98f0dfdc7ed5_origina Gila 15mm Painted example
1813942ee891a56d036cd71fbb7e93ab_origina Gila Breakdown

The Earth Force APC with a new grav module, treads that can also be used on the Combat Flatbed, the classic turret, and a double-barrel variant turret. There is a lot of flexibility in this model in both 28mm and 15mm scales.

8eea97ac5393e6c39b684d0d94db97e6_origina 15mm Painted APC Wolverine Example
15bf766c804aeaf179af8ad11b03c852_origina APC Variations
1d34a23c6822aac74c1a45c92375d0c8_origina APC Breakdown

 The Titan builds have multiple connection points to create multiple builds with the APC and the Light Tank.

c79ab5e2865cea1174529d1f4037feac_origina 15mm Titan Build (painted)
6f2908149164b70b3b2c2670b1a4d6da_origina 15mm Scaled Titan APC Painted Example
c6ab186bc44a833cb60ed554a46a46ef_origina Titan ApC Grav Build
88ee8006df20c4b3f7f38302a1370e10_origina Titan Track Build
300957e62ad31b3fca34eddd962f1b99_origina Titan LTH Painted
8cde31870135f2b47c8f524c853aedd1_origina Titan LTT

The Merka has been one of our best sellers in 15mm. New to this line is the battle-tank-sized grav kit has well as new small guns for the turret.

05b1c1b7e2873acff895f1f6ac73973c_origina 15mm Scale Painted Examples
1f88e060f97923d29b43b4e963a5c87f_origina 28mm Scale Print
02ce25a70217b18170f40007d40e70fb_origina Merka Variations

 Stretch Goals

Below are our stretch goals and if we reach those goals, new STL files will be unlocked! Take a look!


 If we reach $2000, All Motor Pool pledges will receive the STL files for the Brand New Titan Battle Tank!

ac769af20a21525ee7f77ed33d3eb9b7_origina Titan Battle Tank Stretch Goal

If we reach $3000, All Motor Pool pledges will receive the STL files for the Brand New Mega Merka Tank... Madness!

bb65f448aa556ad25d4fd32f8c68b918_origina Mega Merka Stretch Goal!
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We are funded and there is only two days left! 

In this Kickstarter we are offering the STL Files of some of our classic models for you to print on your home 3D printers. These files, created and designed by John Bear Ross, offer tons of combinations and entrance into an amazing realm of sci-fi models. These models come scaled in 15mm AND 28mm!


Here's the link: Rebel Kickstarter!


Thank you for the support!




Collage 1.jpg

Collage 2.jpg

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Hey, Reaper Peeps, JBR here.
I did the sculpting for these files, so if you're a fan of my older CAV stuff, jump in!


A resin 3D printer is now around $230 delivered, with Amazon Prime.

The future I always hoped for is here!


Anyway, here's the printout for one of the achieved stretch goals, a modular MegaTank set.  This print is in 15mm, but it's a monster!

14 vehicles, in two scales (15mm and 28mm), with loads of options (tracked, antigrav, gatlings, energy weapons, etc) for a low price.














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      We are close to the last stretch goal now - an adoring fan for our guitar player! Yes you heard that right!


      Unlocks have been:
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      Winter Tank Riders Pack B
      Winter Tank Command
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      Another 7 days KS by Medusa Minis. I have been quite happy with their previous campaigns. 9 pounds for the whole set or 25 if you missed the previous orc sets.
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