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Gaslands racing team: Beverly of the highway

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It’s been a long time since I have posted, and a lot has been going on. Last year my friend got me into a game called gaslands, which is a post apocalyptic death race game using Converted matchbox/hot wheels cars. The game is a ton of fun, but the most fun part is converting the cars. Over the next few days I’ll post what I’ve done so far. 

In the game you get to choose a team which gives you a certain flavour. This team, Beverly of the highway, has a single corporeal car and a bunch of ghost cars that zip around. It seemed like a really neat idea, so I decided to make a team. Behold! 4DE6F839-2585-4BA0-AF20-CC479E1FCDE7.thumb.jpeg.b7fadb432b9a19d9f8054cca8f2d98d0.jpeg

first up is Beverly herself. Took awhile to get the OSL right but I like it now.



ghost car 1. 

ghost car 2, a police paddy wagon.


ghost car 3 with skeleton driver pointing at his next victim. 


ghost car 4. You can’t see from here but there are chains trailing from behind.



the team riding the wasteland roads.



even when you’re undead, you need a glamour shot for the advertisers.


It took me a long time before I was happy with the painted ghost cars. My first attempt was to prime white and do a thing coat of ectoplasm green, which actually worked great but left some uneven pools on the large flat surfaces. I added more chains and flames to break those up, but the second and third attempts went poorly, so I eventually coated green then dry brushed. Oh well.



let me know what you think. C&C welcome!

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A pretty neat team!  Beverly is a good looking car, and I like the glowing flames.  Your ghost cars really steal the show, for me.  The mist, smoke, or fog is a cool idea, and well executed, with cars 3 and 4 my favorites.  Nicely done. 

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