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This critter sat on my painting bench for a while mocking me. I think I like the idea of greeblies with lots of tentacles a loot more than actually painting them. I toyed with a few different paint schemes before I settled on a fairly traditional pink and purple one. I also considered giving it a cuttlefish eye to create an alien vibe, however my plans to use it in a campaign calls for a more body horror angle, so I did a human eye. Once that came together, the wide staring eye and exposed brain gave me a distinct case of the Mars Attacks, so a subtle greenish glaze completed it.


While I'm happy with how it turned out (it photographed a lot better than the other minis I'm positing today) I have to say this was a dog of a miniature to paint. There's a few spots inside that were impossible to reach, however the rest of the mini tends to distract from those, so long as you don't look too closely.



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