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Jiangshi Blood in the Banquet Hall - July 14 2020


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This is launching July 14 and is a game set in the 1920s about running a Chinese restaurant during the day and dealing with hopping vampires at night.  This is mostly info gleaned from the  video intro so should be updated from the actual kickstarter when it launches. It sounded interesting so I'm posting.


Here is a play-through of a one-shot on the Asians Represent podcast.


Here is the pre-launch page.


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This looks really good

Unfortunately i still cannot paste anything except links using the link tool with mobile browser for maybe a year now.

Specific info for non Asians playing respectful Asian characters is a big relief though listening to Asians Represent or reading stuff by people like James Mendez Hodes - there's a blog post I can't find right now that also deals with how to do this well- are also helpful (speaking as a non Asian who doesn't yet feel comfortable enough to do this well).

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