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Frog Folk Villagers - 3D Printable & Physical Model + CHIBI

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a new Impact! project offers 12 frog folk either for RPGs (with smaller heads etc) or as Chibis (with larger heads etc)


you can buy the minis directly as physical prints

or you can buy the STLs if you have a 3D printer of your own

Digital Models - You can purchase the STL 3-D Print file for any of the below 24 models for $2 each. One entire set of STL 3-D Print files for the 12 models in either RPG or Chibi format is $15. All 24 STL 3-D Print files are $25.

(NOTE: The RPG Frog Folk Merchant is available for as a free download below .. you do not need to buy it!)

Physical Models - You can purchase individual physical copies of the miniatures for any of the below 24 models (see the image for price per a model). One entire set of 12 physical miniatures in either RPG or Chibi format is $65. All 24 physical miniatures for this KickStarter (both sets) is only $110. The sets are discounted for this KickStarter from the expected retail prices of $70 and $130 for the sets when/if they go to into our retail store.

The physical models both RPG and Chibi are designed for an average Frog Folk Villager to be 28mm in total height when standing. Since most Frog Folk are shown of smaller stature than a Human in most RPG settings we feel this scale helps show that well.

Free Sample!
If you want a sample of the models, Cute Loot Miniatures is providing the RPG version of the Frog Folk Merchant for free to download for your review!



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Top Posters In This Topic

We funded in 17 minutes ... wow ... we were not sure how the project would be received but are really excited to see the funding goal reached so quickly!

Cute Loot and Impact are still working on stretch goal for the project so that we can make sure to deliver quickly ... but we both agreed to set a Stretch Goal at $1500 and while we were working on the update ... we crossed the $1500 amount and unlocked it!    So happy to announce the unlocked Stretch Goal #1.

And the better news for all the backers.   We are going to include the digital file for free if you backed a digital set and if you backed a physical set we are going to include a print of it for free!   So free Frog!   Thank you Backers!

We would love to unlock many more stretch goals.   If you can please go to this post and share it.   https://www.facebook.com/impact.miniatures/posts/2668027886771255  .   We would love to add several more new frogs to the project so any assistance is very much appreciated.   Thank you for backing and we look forward with sharing with you where the project goes from here!

Tom @ Impact!  and  Keith @ Cute Loot


Almost $2700 the first 24 hours ... that was a great start and thank you.

We added several stretch goal late last night and we broke one of them during the night!


The Frogfolk Warlord is now available to lead the war party for the village against any and all invaders (or just on a very important hunt to feed the village).

Because the Warlord is a finest warrior in the tribe, he is a more imposing being.   To show this, the physical models will be slightly larger than the normal Frogfolk.

We have several more models planned and we already have our first backer request Chibi being sculpted now (which will be a non-Stretch Goal add to the project).

The Warlord is being added free to all full digital sets either RPG or Chibi.  If you just want him as a single digital file outside of a set he is $2    He is an add-on model for $8 as a physical model.

431b897ba3acd35c29c12f71a16aa9f9_origina Chibi and RPG Frogfolk Warlord physical models shown next to a Spear & Shield Frogfolk for scale

More stretch goals to come!   Help share the project to unlock them all!

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Thank you backers we crossed the $3000 mark this morning and unlocked the Frogfolk Thief!  Up next .. the Frogfolk Fisherman will unlock at $3500.

Now the Thief would like to take a moment and let you know that he would never steal from his fellow villagers.   He is the specialist the Chieftess calls to silently slip into rival villages and load up on their supplies for the good of his people.   He would like to think of himself more as a Plunderer!

However you think of him ... the model is now added for free to any full Digital set.    If you would like the Thief as a physical model, he is a $7 add-on.   


Thank you backers for all your support and we forward to unlocking more stretch goals to come!  

Tom @ Impact! & Keith @ Cute Loot

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Thank you backers yesterday we unlocked the Frogfolk Kids!   So they are added for free to all digital backer sets and have been included in the add-on list for physical backers as a set.


Cute Loot Miniatures has updated the stretch goals and there is a Bard waiting to tell us the tribe's history so all remember at $4500 and something big seems to be coming for reaching the awesome milestone of $5000.


If you keep unlocking stretch goals ... we'll keep coming up with new ideas for what comes next!

Tom @ Impact! & Keith @ Cute Loot

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  External link.png?ixlib=rb 2.1 View on Kickstarter  

Wow what a busy last 24 hours!   Awesome to see 3 stretch goals unlock.

We unlocked the Drummer, 2 Snail Riders, a Pet Snail and the Wizard.

  • All Digital STL backers will automatically receive all the files for these models.   
  • All Physical Backers at the $160, $170 and $300 reward levels will receive physical copies of all of these models automatically.
  • Physical Backers at the $65, $75, $110 and $125 reward levels may add-on these models to their rewards if they choose.

In addition, for those of you that enjoy kitbashing.  The Snail Riders will be available as their components of just the Snail or just the Rider if you want to use them to make your own versions of mounted figures.   Digital Backers will get these component STLs in their rewards.    The component physical pieces of the Snail Riders are not included in any physical rewards but can be added on if desired.

We have added on stretch goals now to the project for $7.5k, $8k and $8.5k.   All the models right now are predicting a finish between just over $7k to just under $9k so we wanted to offer up stretch goals to match those statistical projects.

Thank you backers for everything ... this project has been a great ride and we look forward to sharing the final 2 days with you!       

And personal last note ... my household has decided the Giant Snail Rider is the delivery person for packages and correspondence between Frogfolk villages.    Yes its true, Frogfolk are still using Snail Mail for their letters!   

Tom @ Impact & Keith @ Cute Loot

[They've got video rotations of all of the new unlocks on the update that I've not copies across to save bandwidth for those on phones, so visit KS if you want to see them]

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