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My first painted mini and the ones the came shortly after lol


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I have wanted to get into painting for a long time and have watched days worth of videos on it. i think it shows in how my first minis came out.20200709_165427.thumb.jpg.b1d6a2debde98e76403c3681b27f5c76.jpg

the first was a reaper kobold and he looks a bit sloppy. (on the card for the hobby holder i got because i could not find anything else to put him on for the pic lol)20200711_183411.thumb.jpg.dd0fa058bc49c961484da002a80d9100.jpg20200711_183708.thumb.jpg.2b09b90daa21b2442966f11f92d22857.jpg

next was a blue kobold and a baby dragon, I was still working on how washes work with the blue kobold but the dragon came out better.


now the one i did today


I am pretty proud of him, for being my forth mini i think he looks really good. he is colored like a ring neck snake.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Please, please, Please! get some light. The first picture is.... yeah.  

A daylight bulb or tube, something to create indirect lighting... 

Lots of hints in the photography section. 


The baby dragon has lighter colours, so we can appreciate it. 

(Good job on the washes)


The final mini. 

Did you use a gloss varnish on it?

Please use a matte varnish on top of it on the bow. Wood is never that shiny unless laquered and wet. 

The coloration on the mini is nice, though. 


Extra kudos for doing his eyes, and teeth. 

(They're a real pain to do)


Note, if I ever write suggestions when commenting on a painted mini, it means I like your work, and want to see you take your skills to the next level. 

( We really try to avoid 'this is rubbish' type of criticism here, but yeah. The lighting was kind of rubbish.  )


Also, pop by the off-topic section and the 'Welcome, new forum members' thread. 

Be careful about the 'Aquisitions' thread as it can quickly end up expensive, the 3D Printers thread can get even more expensive... and the entire 'Kickstarter' section is a wallet destroyer. 



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@Minehermit Welcome to the forum!


We can see improvement!

Take your time, look at vids on the subject of fantasy miniatures painting and browse the forum for advice/tips and hints.


You can always post a WIP ( work in Progress) thread to show what you're doing and get advice/cheers etc while working on a piece.


Most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

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@Gadgetman! i know the lighting sucks and the first pic was taken before the others just to send to a friend. (edit- all pics but the middle two were taken on different days, the last one i think looks a bit better. just something i will have to get better at)


i think the last mini just looks shiny because i was using the flash on my phone, he is matte varnished on all but the mud on his feet and base. he is not shiny in person but i will go over the bow again.


also a bit late for kicktarters im at least a few hundred deep in bones 5 lol

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Welcome to the hobby and the forum. You have great paint placement which is 80% of the battle. The other techniques will improve with practice. And you have already shown impressive improvement in just four minis. Very good work. 

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