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Brief word of introduction. I know next to nil about CAV. My current interest in it is solely from a painting perspective. With that in mind, please excuse any blunders I make.


So, I'm a painter looking for some cool stuff to paint. I see CAV's mechs. I think "I like mechs, those look cool, I think I'll grab some". Then my eyes flicker upwards towards where it says "10mm scale". I think you can see where this is going.


Long story short, how big are these? It looks like they come on 1" hexes, and $4.99-$6.99 is quite a lot to charge for a small mini (in my opinion, of course).


Many thanks, all!

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The infantry is a human that is approximately 10mm tall, and the vehicles and mechs are sized to fit them.  So Mechs are in about the 2”-4" range + or - ... suitable for a 10mm sized pilot to fit into.   The price seems close to what a 2"-4" Bones fantasy monster would be priced.



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9 hours ago, Brother Jim said:

You could also mention which models you're interested in and I'm sure the community here can give you measurements.

Was looking for a general average, in case I changed my mind about which ones I wanted, but that's really a much better idea.


As it stands, the one's I'm looking at are:


Cougar 72208

Thunderbird 72210

Katana 72221

Challenger 72259

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4 minutes ago, Corsair said:

Well crud, Imgur has completely crashed on me. Anyone have another image hosting site that is reliable?


In the meantime this post, on page 3 shows CAV and CBT minis together:


Actually, that picture on page 3 with the tanks on the... Paper cutter, craft board, I dunno, whatever it is with the ruler, is super helpful. Seeing as those are roughly an inch long, and then the pictures of them next to the mechs... Looks to me like they're two, maybe two and a half inches!



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2 hours ago, Brother Jim said:

Dry fitting the Challenger is.....very challenging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it is approximately 60mm tall, not including the separate hex base.

But that does include the "hex" that has tabs for the feet.

Fantastic, about what I was expecting. Thanks, @Brother Jim!!


21 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

I can take pics of the Cougar when I get home from work :) 

Brilliant, many thanks!

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On 7/15/2020 at 1:59 PM, MusicalFeline said:

Fantastic, about what I was expecting. Thanks, @Brother Jim!!


Brilliant, many thanks!

Apologies for the late reply, I wound up getting distracted and completely forgot to take pics.  My Cougars are based on 40mm round bases instead of the hex in the blister pack because that's what I went with for my Ritterlich. ^_^  Here's a few quick photos with the Cougar against a few different things - wound up using the built in LED on my phone since each of my desks at the moment is an absolute disaster area (aka they all need tidying up).  I tried to keep the camera angle and distance similar, but due to hand-holding the phone each one's probably just a touch different, but hopefully will give a decent idea of things.



^Versus ye olde classic Sir Forscale!



^Because I like my HaqqIslam units for Infinity.  Al Fasid on left, Ghulam Infantry on the right.



Versus paint bottles - Citadel (Foundation is more or less same size as the current one) and Reaper.



Versus classic d20 sizing (featuring glorious Yu Jing orange dice that have never let me down, because they've never been rolled in an actual game! :P )



^Versus Temple Dragon and Pathfinder Red Dragon (both from Reaper)



^Seems kind of short if you're evil and put him next to Rauthuros, but Rauth's a BIG model.  Probably still cranky two of his arms aren't attached too :P



^Versus Nolzur's Beholder.

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