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03358: Eldolan, Elf fighter


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5 hours ago, darkwing said:

I love the chains. They feel like they are flowing out of him

That’s the effect I tried to do, I’m glad it works for you ! :blush:


On 7/17/2020 at 5:30 PM, Iridil said:


Nice conversion - wonderful hooks! 


Thanks! They took me way more time than I expected, it was so long shaping these tiny bits of paperclips the right way. And as the chain is pretty thin as well, I couldn’t pin them to it so I just filed away half the last link and half the bottom of the hook, so they would look aligned after the copper-looking greenstuff transition part would be done.

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Very cool conversion. Love the chains and hooks, the war paint and the overall colour scheme. The more subdued tones are nicely complemented by the red of the garment.


I would suggest to focus on contrast and smoothness of blends in the future, as well as adding accent colours to emphasise focal points.


Contrast you can enhance through deeper shadows and brighter highlights. The blends you can work on even after you pre-painted a simple transition: Just make a glaze of a mid-tone and feather over the transition point / edge.


In terms of accent colours: On this mini it would be interesting to use a different colour for the face paint. Maybe a purple, teal or jade green.

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