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Dungeons and Lasers Second Edition by Archon, plastic dungeon terrain, Dragons etc Kickstarter (coming soon)

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Dungeons & Lasers Second Edition prelaunch page





-The 2nd campaign will offer products from the 1st campaign as well (called Legacy Products) with an option for shipping within a month from the end of 2nd ed Kickstarter. So ultra-fast, in the scale of Kickstarter, delivery.

- 6 YES! that's 6 Dragons as a single pack or to buy individually, or as a free stretch goal with your terrain pledge! Please give us feedback in the questionnaire about prices! Link to the questionnaire at the bottom of the update.

Here are 4 dragons out of 6! and yes that DnD miniature is in scale (28mm). More pictures below.
Currently, we have only planned to make fantasy themed dragons! Please convince us in the comments to make one in a Sci-Fi theme (please! I need good arguments to convince the boss!)

-optional half-walls - we are making, as we speak (see video), 1st test tool for half-walls, this was requested by you in the post-KS questionnaire. Half-walls will be an OPTIONAL buy (or selected in the pledge manager instead of 50mm ones, we are still working on it). Cost of it - as it will be optional we will make it as close to manufacturing costs as legally possible!

- as requested, we will be also making a large tool with end-half-clips, available to purchase for manufacturing cost / or will be part of a stretch goal, no only that we have some ideas for clips supporting next tier (more to come in next updates), this option will allow you to build easily several dungeon levels.

- 3 more themes, 2 fantasy Dwarven Mine, Cursed Cathedral, and Temple of the Operators. )and POSSIBLY MORE?




- All new stretch goals! We are aiming to DOUBLE the number of stretch goals to 1st DnL Kickstarter! Yes, twice more!


- Pre-launch Stretch goals! : For the first time, we are introducing Pre-Launch Stretch Goals. The more folks subscribe to our Pre-Page on Kickstarter, LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-second-edition the more free items we are adding to the pledges! Head on to our KS page and click "subscribe"! Make sure your friends know about and share the link: archon-studio.com/dnl2


We want to make as the best deal for backers as possible, thus, we need your feedback and support about DnL 2.0 here is the link to the new questionnaire:


You will find more information on our blog here: https://archon-studio.com/blog/dungeons-lasers-second-edition

they did the rapid delivery of existing stuff for their previous terrain KS and it worked well, and came in on time, and their plastic is pretty good so if you like the look of it well worth considering

also do sign up for KS notification as that's going to help backers get more stuff!

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1 hour ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

I'm really just interested in the dragons.  Couldn't care less about the terrain.

Same, I’ll look at the terrain with an open mind, but idk that I really NEED or MUST have those. I have bazillions of unpainted Reaper dragons from KS 1-4 so idk that I even NEED those. But I’ll check. 

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Not a fan of Archon / Prodos for AvP, LOAD, and Space Crusader, but if you're gonna back it, back it now. (They settled with AvP backers with a credit).


Free gelatinous cube miniature for the first 48 hours. So, if you plan to back, back now. Design looks better than WK for tabletop gaming. I prefer the "chunky" style of DF and Rampage tiles, but Archon/Prodos throws in all these neat dungeon doodads into their SG's. Their $20 Legacy SG pack has *stairs* and you can buy SG packs without the dungeon itself.



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7 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Not sure how i feel about their pledge levels


The Dragon's Lair at $120 knocks down the dragons to $20 each. However, if you just want a dragon, Reaper Bones KS dragons were $10 each. I'm finally getting a five-headed dragon, Marduk, through this KS, although I'd rather have a dragon that looks more like Tiamat. Reaper has a five-headed Bones dragon, which is larger and more expensive.


If you want dragons and SG's, I think multiples of Dungeon Master at $99 ($40 core, three $20 expansions, dragon, $20 SG) are better than the $199 and $299 levels (more rooms, fewer dragons and SG's (?)). What I find interesting is that their core set is $40 vs. $100, which you see with more dungeon KS. You need a core set and three expansions to cover a 2x2 area. Archon tosses in a lot of stuff in their SG's. The 95-piece Legacy SG add-on is $20 and has four stairs plus other terrain stuff. Cheap stairs are hard to find in a terrain KS.


If you just buy two SG packs, you qualify for the free gelatinous cube miniature.


EDIT: Dragons breathe FIRE. See the videos. Might rebase the FIRE as a spell effect. Who doesn't want free FIRE? ::):


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Woo. Number crunching.


If you don't care for the SG's, sold at $20, the $89 dragon add-on puts the dragons at less then $20 each.


$20 Legacy SG set has 95 sf and fantasy pieces, including four stairs, traps, and a portal. I've found stairs elsewhere to be more than I'd like to pay.


24 hours left on the gelatinous cube, which cost $10 in a previous Bones KS.





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