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Dungeons and Lasers Second Edition by Archon, plastic dungeon terrain, Dragons etc Kickstarter (coming soon)

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9 hours ago, ced1106 said:

The Dragon's Lair at $120 knocks down the dragons to $20 each. However, if you just want a dragon, Reaper Bones KS dragons were $10 each. I'm finally getting a five-headed dragon, Marduk, through this KS, although I'd rather have a dragon that looks more like Tiamat. Reaper has a five-headed Bones dragon, which is larger and more expensive.



Oh I have all the Reaper dragons.. except the new Shadow dragon.. i'm not a fan of that sculpt..  I've got it on remind and I'll see how the core pack looks down the road.. 

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I’ve backed this one at the $99 DM pledge level. 

A dragon of my choice, plus a core set and 3 rooms or a total of 5 rooms. I can get a couple of Dwarven mines, maybe a couple of hive rooms and then an extra one room of something else; it’ll really diversify the themes I can lay down. 

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Hopefully, this is an OK spot to ask this question.


As someone who doesn't own any tiles or terrain pieces and is therefore attracted to this KS, do the tiles from this company fit in/match with those of other companies (e.g. Dwarven Forge, TTCombat, Deathray Designs, etc.)? And do those companies' tiles fit with each other in turn?


I guess I'm asking: if I buy this or any other company's tiles, am I locked into only being able to use that company's tiles per set-up?

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No. D&L uses a proprietary system.


However, in ye olden days, game tiles didn't lock together, anyway. Most can still be set up so they don't lock together. Don't expect D&L walls to fit into another company's floor tile, of course. D&L walls are thinner than Dwarven Forge, so may look too thin aesthetically. However, thin walls allows you to make walls in rooms and are easier to store. Pretty much every company makes 1" square floor tiles. Most companies make some sort of 2" x 2" floor tiles with 1" squares, but look closely how these tiles may differ, such as in the first picture in the spoiler (DF walls with the walls inside the 2x2 square, Rampart with the walls outside the 2x2 square).


You can use a different manufacturer for a different section of your dungeon. Frex, you could build a D&L torture room and put it right next to a Dwarven Forge game tile. They just won't lock. IMO, you only really care about locking if you have to transport a room from home, or if you want to build multi-level dungeons. 


Note that no single manufacturer will create all the varieties of game tiles possible. Likewise, you'll spend less money if you're willing to buy from different manufacturers when they offer lower prices. I do know that D&L looks like they'll have the same core sets in their D&L3, so you don't feel pressure to buy an entire dungeon from them in on KS. 


I don't have D&L tiles, but, in the spoiler, I've included an example of Rampart dungeon tiles with DF ones, as well as a 2D sewer game tile from a D&D tile set.





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I'm really eyeing those dragons, but I'm not sure if they'll be gargantuan or huge. They look like they're probably on a 2" diameter base, so they could probably be placed on a 3" base overall, but I'm worried that they might still run too large and outsize my existing gargantuan-based dragons...

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Campaign page mentions how tall each dragon is, though now how wide. Dragons are about 6" tall. 


Free dragon SG at 1M. Ridiculous number of SG's unlocked, and you can even get additional SG sets for $20.





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Legacy items are still being shipped. 


Material is this sandable plastic. Very durable. Not soft like Mantic or boardgame plastic, not brittle like resin.


Teaser image for their next KS, after D&L2 has been delivered in 2021 : ::):




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Shipping gets even more rapid: We have planned shipping of Second Edition items for August of 2021. Well, things got changed and we are planning to start shipping late February/early March 2021. Yes, 5 months earlier than planned. 





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