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Gelatinous Soap


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Gelatinous Soap

A Gelatinous Cube made of soap including a 7 pieces dice set





Hello everyone!

My name is Kerstin, I'm 27 years old and live in Germany. I pour vegan soaps in different forms and styles.

With this project, I want to create soap for roleplaying games including pretty dice sets. They are the perfect gift for your Dungeon Master or other dice-addicted friends of yours!

By supporting this campaign you will help me to get the money to be able to comply all the directives of the European Union and start my soap business.

After successfully funding this project you will get a survey to choose the color and the included dice sets of your Gelatinous Soaps.

Your loot

By supporting my project you have a lot of options to get some cool loot out of your fight against the Gelatinous soap!

Get yourself some Gelatinous soaps in different colors. Every Gelatinous Soap is vegan and handmade by me.

Colors may be slightly different than on the photos, as I'm still in progress of finding the best color for each Cube.


. . .


Shipping's gonna be rough for 'Merica, but these are pretty neat. Might see if I can swing it.

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1 hour ago, Cygnwulf said:

I like this, though it does beg the question.... 

is it a faux pas to give a gamer soap as a gift?


Only if you don't tell him what it is...    


Some of them may be unfamiliar with the concept and instead try to eat it.   


No, it's not all that far-fetched...

There's a popular off-road bike race here in Norway, that follows(mostly)the same route as the 'Birkebeiner' 80Km cross-country skiing competition, and one year one of the sponsors was a detergent manufacturer, and they handed out small sample bottles in the starting area...  

Some of the riders drank the laundry detergent straight, and some added it to the water in their bottle....   




Note, OMO is NOT a new brand here in Norway, only the specific formulation for exercise clothes. 


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10 hours ago, Clearman said:

With a block of melt and pour soap from a craft store, it would be fairly easy to replicate as well.

Actually, the idea has been around for awhile. There are several sellers on Etsy offering this sort of thing. Which is no strike against this creator. The more the merrier, I say.

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Tons of examples of DIY glycerin soap. Microwave the soap base, add dye, and pour. No risk, no shipping costs, no waiting. And you can trick your kids into doing the work. :lol:


Suspending the dice might take a little practice, but, like parfaits in the refrigerator, let one layer partially solidify, insert dice or toy, add another layer of soap.





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