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March to Hell - 3D Files for WW2 Figures and Terrain.


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Just throwing this out there for anyone interested (yes I did back and no, I don't know them)...

I did back their last KS as well and was happy with the results. They did a great in keeping people up to date and got all of the files out quickly.


The figures look "funny" in the pictures due to them using the print-ready 3D files. I think that at the smaller scales especially, they are enhanced just enough so they will keep their detail and make them easier to paint IMO.


Anyway take a look if you are interested!


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I’m somewhat interested. I’ll be curious to see how the German and British WIPs come along. The British helmet only vaguely resembles reality and something is seriously wrong with the turret on the German Panther. Still, the price seems reasonable and getting both scales is really nice.

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